Monday, November 05, 2007


Sigh, boring taper workouts. Time to fold laundry, time to make fancy yummy dinners, time to wipe counters and scrub bathrooms; time to do all the housewifely things that I really do not love--time I would rather be spending doing hardcore workouts.

Yesterday, though not ass kicking, was nice on the bike. Easy. Little annoying because Greenway was packed. Apparently other parents do not find it necessary to scream at their kids to "Get to right! Get over! Biker coming through!" And said kids that do not scoot look petrified when you yell "Hey! Pay attention! Don't hit me!" Cause, like I don't know if they know left from right. So calling out "On your left!" is just confusing to them. Then their parents make eye contact and offer a sheepish grin as apology. Whatever, fine with me. So be it if it has to be me who teaches your kids trail etiquette. My goal is not to wreck. So be it if I gotta be the bitch on the bike who is the trail compliance officer. There are clearly posted rules and I am obeying and so can you. And yes, I do have some anger issues. But see, I look so non-threatening. And I think that is what is so confusing. Grrr.
But yeah, it was a nice bike. Almost 25 miles in an hour 24. Easy peasy.

Today the kids had no school. Teacher workday or something. Steph had work meeting. No bikie with my girlie. So I gymed it. Again, easy peasy. Treadmill run. Purposely reigned myself in so as to not screw myself for the Chickamauga marathon that will be taking names and kicking my ass on Saturday. I had intentions to practice marathon pace--8 minute miles-- but it that feels too slow on the treadmill. So it was 7:50 pace for first mile. Hit 2 miles in 14:50. 5k in 22:20 and 4 miles in 29:20. Finished the whole 5.25 miles in 38 minutes. Even still, I think 8 minute miles for 26.2 miles is going to be very hard for me. I know how it will go down: first half split: 1:40. Second half split: 2 hours. Joe? I will be channeling you. Mr. Thank you very much I ran a negative split 3:30 marathon in an Iron man. Hello hero. Promise me it wasn't as easy as you made it look.

Yeah, okay. I am a teensy bit jealous.

So what.

Anyway, I spent sometime on the mat stretching. Man. I am tight. Ridiculous. I am thinking I should devote a little time each day to some stretching. Thought about lifting some weights but figured nothing but hunger would come out of it so I decided to swim.

Changed for the pool. Thought about the 10 x100's in 2 minutes but since I had no Steph to motivate me I just swam solid for 30 minutes. I lost count around 600 meters. We'll call it a mile but I am sure it was a little over. Changed and collected kids.

We did our errands. The kids were soooooooooooo good at the grocery store. I actually got compliments on how cute and well behaved my kids were--moi--my kids--Carmella--and--Beau--from several people. I kept looking around thinking surely they are not talking to moi. Totally weird. Hey, maybe we've finally turned "that corner." You know, the corner that people keep assuring me that Beau will turn. Seriously, I am sure it was just a fluke. Wait, is there a full moon tonight? Are there cameras on me or something? I'm suspicious now.

Then more cleaning, boring house-wifely stuff, more laundry folding (just so you know I could fold for everyday for 2 hours and there would still be more to fold, put away. Gag. Who are these people and where do they find the time to dirty so many clothes?). Then a long walk with dog and kids on bike. Then playing with kids and all the neighborhood kids (we apparently are that house, you know the one where kids migrate, multiply) in the yard.

So this is what people do when they don't run/bike/swim for 2+ hours a day. Huh. You know. This isn't so bad. . .

P.S. I heart italics


  1. Missed biking with you today. Instead, spent 6 hrs sitting on my butt in the car on the way to the work meeting. Am now procrastinating doing more work on computer. Sigh!

  2. Ugh, that doesn't sound fun at all. Is your knee better?

  3. Sounds like taper is going well, and the kids are cooperating! Since my oldest daughter moved out, we just throw all the clean clothes in the old bedroom :-)