Friday, March 14, 2008

She's only 7 and I'm scared.

I mean if it is already like this and she is only 7 what the hell is it going to be like when she is 13 or 15 or God forbid (and willing) 16 and driving???

Today at her school it is "Hat Day". I see this for what it is-- yet another creative way that her school is nickel and diming us but hey, that's okay. It is a great school.

The Hat Day gig is that the kids pay a dollar and they get to wear a hat to school for the day. Personally, I do think it is a little wrong to put a fee on wearing an accessory but I get that they are trying to get some extra money for something or another at the school. For this reason I won't raise a ruckus that her unalienable right to wear an accessory is being infringed upon. Besides, before I even had a chance to give Carmella a dollar she told me she had it taken care of. She just needed help picking which hat to wear.

Hat Day only showed up on my radar a week ago but I am guessing it has been on Carmella's mind a lot longer. Not much gets by her. So you would think she would have had which hat figured out.

But no.

Now Carmella has plenty of her own hats: berets, beach hats, cowboy hat, knit hats, crochet hats etc. Apparently none of these would work and to hear her tell it; she doesn't have any hats! I completely understand because I don't have any clothes! Despite the closet packed full of, well, clothes.

But I'm a hat girl so I pulled out all of my hats. None of these worked either.

Ryan pulled his hats out. No. That was just silly.

Beau offered up his pirate hat. Plueeasseee!!! Don't be ridiculous.

So this morning there were big ole crocodile tears. Sobbing even. Because None! of the hats were what she wanted. My compassion for a fashion catastrophe is huge but my patience for a hat tantrum at six thirty in the morning is not.

So she sat quietly at breakfast while big tears slid down her face.

I finally realized the one hat she wanted was the one I had forgot about even though I just wore it the other day: My military style camo hat with a pink emblem on it.

I told her I had just the perfect hat for her. I was going to make it for her! I joked that I was making it out of Beau's dirty underwear and my stinky running socks. You can imagine how that went over. So there were more tears until I presented the camo hat and then the tears magically disappeared.

And off to school she went. But I bet you a hundred bucks that hat was off her head before she even reached her classroom. Cause a hat? That is totally going to draw attention to her. And Carmella? Does not want attention.


  1. That's why we have to psychologically defeat them while they are young ;-)

  2. Carmella is her own woman. Gotta love her.

    Did you give her braids to go with the hat?

  3. Ha! I asked her is she wanted me to braid her hair like I did mine and she quite emphatically told me NO! Must not be as good of look as I think it is.