Friday, April 25, 2008

Get Out Your Cow Bells

It is a race weekend!

Fishstick and I are heading to Nashville later this morning. I am very excited to run the marathon and visit with my friend Chris. Not so excited about the weather. Hope it isn't so terrible. But I am sure I will be fine as I have certainly run more races than not in less than ideal weather conditions and done just fine. Though, just to be clear, I do not like to run in rain or hot and humid conditions. Just so you know, it does not make me happy. But, again, really, I'll be fine.

No solid goals or rather high aspirations I should say. It is the same old ABC goals: 3:30, Pr (sub 3:37:27) and BQ (3:45:59). Okay, there is always that D goal to just finish and have a great time.

For those that like to stalk my bib # is 2256. Supposedly there will be an option to track live results on the webpage. I couldn't find the link but I am little dumb lately so it is probably a link that is glaringly obvious, probably big and flashing.

In other racing news this weekend Steph and her husband Doug are off to do their first tri of the season. Testing out their wetsuits is the word. Good luck guys! Steph, I know you are going to blow the swim away.

My brother in law Wes is racing at the Athens Twilight criterion. That is always a fun race to spectate. I hope you win Wes and at the very least have a great time.

And don't forget about the Tour de Georgia this weekend. Brasstown Bald leg is Saturday. Should be exciting.

Good luck and have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Good luck in this weekends race! I'll probably stalk you... ;)

  2. Have fun Nat! By the time I get home, you will be done! : )