Friday, May 09, 2008

Wacky Tacky Day

Earlier this week Carmella's school sent a flyer home about Wacky Tacky Day on Friday. Same drill as Hat Day. You donate a dollar for the American Cancer Society and you get to dress up.

I didn't say anything to Carmella knowing how Wacky Wednesday and Crazy hair day at camp and school have caused her great anxiety.

But then yesterday I got one of those evil mom I'm kinda bored moments and to entertain myself I brought up Wacky Tacky Day.

"So Carmella, do you have your outfit picked out for Wacky Tacky Day tomorrow?"

I hear her groan "Yeah. . . "

This completely surprised me and I of course had to know what her outfit was because Carmella doesn't do tacky , wacky, crazy or weird. Too attention drawing and then there is that whole not matching thing. . .

"I am thinking about wearing mismatched socks."

Snort. Giggle.

"Wow. That is wacky."

Fast forward bedtime. I pull out a pile of socks and tell her to pick mismatched socks. I get approval for a babydoll top and jean shorts and set it all out with her tennis shoes. I kiss her good night and leave her reading her Babysitter Wars book.

While tucking Beau in Carmella summons me into her room.

"Mommy, I am worried I won't be wacky or tacky enough."

Repressed giggle. Snort.

"Well, I do think that maybe you need to do more than just mismatched socks to be really wacky and tacky."

"Oh man! What should I wear then?"

I make lots of suggestions: old jazz costumes, wings, shirt backwards, skirt over jeans etc and all met with no no no. I tell her to sleep on it and decide in the morning.

So this morning she is stalling and again requests my help.
Mismatched shoes? I suggest.
No, she says, it will make me walk funny.
One knee sock and one low sock? No, that will make me uncomfortable.
What about this skirt with this shirt? It doesn't match.
No, that skirt is too short and I have PE. (Where does she come from? Too short. As if.)
What about we just fix your hair all weird?
Well, what will it look like?

She finally settles on plaid shorts, baby doll top and one Tuesday sock and one Thursday sock. She even let me fix her hair. She never lets me fix her hair. I wanted to do little alien knots all over her head but she said no way.

So here is what she ended up with.

For Carmella, that is pretty darn wacky. You know, I think she is finally coming around.

And Beau? Well, I didn't noticed til I dropped him off but he had decided to be wacky too and wear mismatched shoes.

Oh. And, of course, his underwear backwards.


  1. Hi Nat,

    I have been reading your blog and we have a lot in common. Thank you for your humor and all you share about your running. For what it is worth, I always look forward to new entries from you.

    27 yr old stay at home mom, Portland, Oregon

  2. Julie- From Valdosta, GA8:45 PM, May 09, 2008

    Your children are precious.

  3. Hi Brandee and Julie
    Thanks for delurking and for reading.