Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

Exhibit A: The Girls:

Exhibit B: The Boys:

We had a long playdate yesterday. Pool with Camille and her girls and Sam and her brood. Of course, Tara and Ellie and Chase. Hot dogs and Hamburgers and then everyone left and Abby and Chase stayed for a sleepover.

Some pictures of the double sleepover:

Me getting tickled by the kids:
Them hanging out on my bed:

Carmella and Abby and Ellie playing Uno:

Carmella and Abby all tucked in:

Beau and Chase, still fighting until they both eventually passed out:

How I still managed to get up at 4:30 this morning and run I have no idea. But it is in the bank. And now I have to rush the four kids off to swim practice. Off to use my drill sergeant voice. Or as Lala says, sound like a fishwife. Whatever that may be.


  1. Fishwife - A course, bad tempered woman with a loud voice.

    (if the shoe fits-Cinderella)

  2. Is that Lala with the fishwife comment? Love it!!! Thanks for keeping Chase. Looks like he definitely wasn't home sick!

  3. Fishwife thats funny. Great job getting up after that

  4. My Mama used that term from time to time and I finally looked it up since I throw it out at Nat occasionally. Upon reflection, I think it's quite understandable to have a bad temper and yell a little bit if you're married to a fish. Lala

  5. By "a fish" do you mean:
    a. one who is cold blooded
    b. one who has gills and a tail
    c. one who drinks alot
    d. one who does not french kiss

    who is the "fish"?

  6. Bwhahaha on "one that does not french kiss."

    But to answer the question she probably means both a and c. It is, afterall, the alcohol that warms my blood and cools my temper.

  7. Sometimes a fish is just a fish. lala

  8. This is NO reflection whatsoever on Nat's very cool, good looking and PATIENT husband. LALA

  9. Ryan's nickname is "Fish".

    Just saying.

    So yeah, I'm a Fishwife.

    Yeah! A new nickname! Much better than Bratalie and does go well with Fishstick.;)

  10. fishwife

    Here is what Webster says...

    Main Entry: fish·wife
    Pronunciation: \-ˌwīf\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English
    Date: 15th century
    1 : a woman who sells fish
    2 : a vulgar abusive woman

  11. we must all be very bored today! lala

  12. Double sleep overs is a brave new world :-)

  13. Yeah Fishstick and Fishwife!!!!

    does it matter that I am still at work? It's 7:00...........