Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dinner a la Taper

Sure sign that I am in the throes of the ugliness that is a taper is a dinner menu such as this:

Pulled BBQ Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches (slow simmered all day long, so, so good)

Roasted Sweet Potatoes (with butter, cinnamon and maple syrup)

Homemade Mac n Cheese Florentine (read lots of butter and cheese and oh, yeah, a little spinach)

Magic Hat number 9

I think I gained weight just preparing this meal. And I don't think the calories I burned from my 6 mile run and 2200 yd swim can even touch it. Things are not going to be looking pretty at the start line of the S.C half iron man. And by things I mean my bulging gut and big fat ass.


  1. Just so I am clear, the last preparation of consequence, in preparation for your race, was your dinner on Tuesday???

  2. No. I am just being lazy and not updating my blog. You really want to hear about my last preps? I will post after my workout today all the boring details. And btw, what is up with Chickamuaga? Are still planning it or another later marathon, or a spring thon. I might have some suggestions. . . Is Albany, GA too far?

  3. Chickamauga is out. I am freaking out about the 1/2 on Oct 11, as I am just beginning to re-build my mileage.

    Yes, I am open to suggestions in Dec/Jan.

    And yes, my calf is much better, thanks for asking...

  4. I am totally in for Big Sur when you turn 40 but our participation will be determined by the state of the housing market, if you know what I mean.