Thursday, September 11, 2008

Feeling Like a Guy

As I have previously bemoaned in my post Hot Meal I hate it that I never get to experience going for a run and coming home to a hot prepared meal waiting for me. Actually, I never get to experience that-- regardless of after a run-- since I am the one that always cooks.

And that is fine.

It is Ryan and I's arrangement with the housewife package he has. There are pros and cons to each package (working wife vs house wife) and I quite honestly like the housewife package. Suits me, my choices and my workouts just fine-- most of the time.

But, you know, it would be nice to come home and have dinner waiting on me once in awhile. . .

And last night it kinda happened. It for one second made me wish that I was a guy. (Which, let me be perfectly clear, never happens. I think being a girl is the bestest.)

But it didn't happen because Ryan made dinner. Don't be ridiculous.

As mentioned in yesterday's post Carmella has a sinus infection and was home from school. With a visit to the vet (for the dog, not Carmella), pediatrician and just having a sick kid home I couldn't get my workout in morning or afternoon. Though it should be said that had I been a better planner I could have gotten up at 4:30 and gone to the gym and swam and still been home by 6 to get the kids ready for school. I just wasn't thinking clearly. Piss poor planner am I. I think that might also come with the housewife package-- time management issues. There just never seems to be enough of it, time that is. In fact, I am thinking I am going to vote this year for the candidate that has that super secret extra day--the one between Wednesday and Thursday and no one but you knows about-- on their platform. Since they both suck that will be my deciding factor of who sucks the least.

Well, Carmella's fever was 102.7 at the doctor's so clearly I couldn't put her in the gym nursery. Carmella actually felt okay--according her own assessment--but it just wouldn't be fair for the other kids in the gym nursery. Not to mention it is against policy to bring sickies to the nursery. Not that anyone else seems to follow policy that I've seen. . .

I will say I always feel bamboozled when my kids are sick since they don't do that lying around and act sick bit. Carmella begged and pleaded and I relented because if you feel well enough to do it then you should. So she actually went outside and played in the afternoon. I figured it might get all that clogged up snot moving around. Uninvited neighbor kids might get sick though . . . But hey, that's what happens when you invite yourself over even though I told both you and your mother that I had sick kid in house. Play at your own risk.

So gym workout was out and I don't bother calling Lala or Bubbles since they are afraid of the germs. Which for the record, sinus infections are not typically contagious as they are a secondary infection caused from a virus (which would have been contagious) or allergies (which would not have been contagious and is the source of Carmella's infection). Just saying.

And, if you know me, it totally stresses me out to not get a workout in. I know, I know. People take days off. But I am not one of those people. I do not like to skip a workout. Ever. I fully admit to being addicted. And, if you know me, you don't want me to skip a workout either. It is like Xanax for me. I am much more palatable if I get to sweat a little each day. Okay, the more the better but even I do get tired; so some days a short workout is fine. I consider a workout as key to my day as showering or brushing my teeth. And, if you know me, you know showering and teeth brushing ranks high on my list of things to do every single day.

So yesterday-- because we have the housewife package installed-- I was home with a sick child and the potential of my workout happening was contingent on Ryan coming home early enough from work. And since we own our own business this is never a sure thing. In fact, more often than not Ryan works until almost 8 pm. When you get up at 6 am an 8pm workout is a bit of challenge energy wise. I also don't run in the dark-- at least not by myself. Excuses, excuses. I know. I'm not a fan of them either but sometimes they are valid.

Since my only hope yesterday of a run was after Ryan got home-- which typically coincides with when I am making dinner, helping the kids with their homework, getting them ready for bed, and helping make sure they have everything ready for the next day, a late afternoon/early evening workout is tough to juggle.

To be "proactive" about it I made dinner early and fed the kids early and got all their stuff ready for bath/school/bed done. Check check check. I had everything ready so that when Ryan got home I could just head out the door for a short run. And for his part Ryan actually got home a little after six so I was still able to be back and tuck the kids into bed.

I use to be an afternoon runner. My body actually prefers that time of day but since I've had kids I've made the switch to morning/early afternoon. So I was worried it would not go well but it felt pretty good. Nothing fancy, just a 6 mile recovery run from yesterday's 12 miles @ "marathon pace" (Which was hard as crap but I did negative split the run and ran a 7:43 avg pace. However, does not seem likely I can do that for a full marathon. But that is a whiny story for another day.)

The magic for me happened when I got back from my run. I am talking about the magical moment where for one teeny tiny second I almost understood why guys totally don't mind spending their life with something hanging between their legs.
Get this.
And the "this" I am referring to is how I imagine it to be for men when they come at the end of the day after a work out or from long day at work:
I walked in the door.
Said hi and thanks to Ryan.
Kissed and tucked the kids into bed.
Then, wait for it.
I. Ate. My. Dinner.
It was already there.
Ready and waiting.
Oh, it was just the best ever.
So perfect.

People are always talking about those "ah ha!" moments. I think Oprah calls them "light bulb moments"--why does everything Oprah automatically make me roll my eyes? Point is that this was my "light bulb" moment: I should just make dinner everyday early so I can have a penis moment every night.


That came out wrong but yes, I know Ryan would like to add a penis moment with me to the housewife package every single night. . .

Anyway . . . I am now remembering that Lala use to make dinner at 3 or 4 pm in the afternoon--she called it "making plates"--because she would go workout in the evenings. So that way no one had to wait on dinner ever. Hot meal whenever you are ready!


  1. Wow. You are brilliant. I may try that (not the penis at night piece) you probably started a revolution.

  2. So rewarding for me to finally have my genius recognized! Does this mean you've finally reached the age when you can acknowledge maybe your parents aren't so clueless after all?