Saturday, October 04, 2008

Band War

Steph invited the kids and I to join her and her girls at the Lassiter Battle of the Band.
Steph has a thing for marching bands. She was in the band in high school. I wasn't. I am not musical. At all. I did once have a boyfriend my senior year of high school that played sax in the marching band. But really, other than that, I don't remember much about my high school marching band. But that might also be because I didn't attend many football games. Spectating has just never been my thing. I get easily bored. I prefer to do, not sit.

And speaking of not sitting, this morning I did my long run. It went off well--21.5 miles and no severe foot pain! Just the regular long run pains. I was actually happy to have them.

I thought. This? This is normal.

So I am relieved I got it in and I am over the hump and able to move on with training for (some) fall marathon without a nagging or permanent injury. And, I actually had my highest running mileage week since last April, gosh, maybe even March. Partly, of course, this is due to the race last Sunday but overall this week I managed 58 miles running (4 days total), 121 miles cycling (4 days total), and 3.5 miles swimming (3 days). I am planning on dropping the bike mileage and replacing it with more running. As much as I don't want to do it I think higher running volume is what is going to get me faster. I hope at least. It has worked before. 50 mpw just seems to be keeping me the same. Gonna have to make another go at those 70 mile weeks. Ugh. It is gonna hurt. I just know it.

Oops. Sorry. Digression. This post is about the band wars. . .

So anyway, after I finished my run I asked the kids if they wanted to go see a battle of the bands. It surprised me that Beau knew I was referring to marching bands as he started marching and pretending to play the drums. Carmella wasn't so sure she wanted to go but Beau talked her into going to "the band war"-- as he called it.

Like Beau, I was thinking it was going to be a bit more intense. You know like a Bring It On sort of thing but instead of cheer off's there would be march off's. But no. It was all very organized and pedestrian. Maybe march off's happen in the finals. We still have our wrist bands and can go back any time we want today.

But we will probably not since I am already tired from having to walk up and down the bleachers. I am all marched out, to say the least.
Steph sat all the way at the top of the bleachers. Sure the view was great but it wasn't easy going back down.

Anyone who has ever run a marathon understands exactly what I am saying about going down stairs afterwards (up really isn't a problem for me).

Can you say Tin man?

I've posted this before but it cracks me up so much that it bears re-posting just in case anyone missed it last time:


  1. Great job on the 21.5 miler. Glad to hear your foot is better.

    I am feeling good after 6 on the dreadmill and really leaning towards doing the thanksgiving full. Today I went ahead and signed up for the silver comet while I was at big peach picking up a 70.3 sticker. So I will see you there.

  2. Endurance triathlons are better than band wars...nothing against band wars. Good job Nat! Having a 1/2 be only your second triathlon is pretty gutsy. You get faster just from experience. But the way to get more experience is to do more long distance triathlons.

  3. Carmella looks way too old in that picture with the glasses! Slow her down a little please. Lala