Monday, October 27, 2008

Stay Tuned !

Oh no!
Why is Nat in the back of a police car?
Why is Nat wearing this silly hat?

Who cares, but boy doesn't she look smart in glasses?

Hi there dear readers that I love!

I have had a busy and crawzeey weekend and promise to write up my boring blog posts about it as soon as I get a chance. Right now I need to crawl my way out from under the mountain of laundry that has a accumulated from neglect and have to go teach an art lesson on Charles Schulz to Beau's class this morning.

But till then I leave you this picture:


If only my Aunt Boo was Obama's running mate this whole deciding who to vote for would not at all be a problem. Seriously. Obama needs Boo on his team. Heck, I think McCain could use her too.

Wait a minute.

What am I thinking?

Boo for President!

I hope they have a write in option on the ballot.


  1. As Nat's Mom-I apologize in advance for what she may be about to reveal in this blog. To those whom it might concern, any lawsuits should wait till after the new year and I get my work for my Jan. show complete.

  2. Enquiring minds want to know...

    Cant wait for the 411

  3. I think that's a great picture of Boo!


  4. Ha, ha! I'm definitely not voting Republican OR Democrat this year. I've had it. I'd vote Boo though!!

    Can't seem to find your race results!!! How'd we do?

  5. I knew it! You were the one stealing the Obama signs!

  6. I want to go to Lala's Jan show. When is it?