Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time To Think About Getting Your Turkey On . . .

Here is my yearly post about encouraging everyone I know to sign up for the Atlanta Half marathon on Thanksgiving. You know I love this race and think if I can do it so can you!

Let me sell you on it my fellow Atlantans:

#10. It is pretty much downhill for the first 6 or 7 miles (yes, then the next 6 are uphill but whatever. Think of it as a lifting and shaping your ass into fine perfection). There is a Starbucks at the midway point. Mmmm, pumpkin spice latte . . .

#9. You get to see Buckhead in day light and wait, never mind. Disregard #9.

#9. You get to start in the dark and see the sun come up on Atlanta. I at least think this part is pretty cool. Running into the light, so to speak.

#8. You get a t-shirt with the exact same design they have had forever--that phoenix/seraphin thingy-- so everyone will know exactly which race you did from a mile away. And they will think you are cool. At least that must be the reason why I still see people wearing the shirts from 10+ years ago.

#7. You will, without a doubt, see at least one person that you have not seen in forever at some point during this race--though it might be at the expo.

#6. Next year the Peachtree will seem so easy and you will be able to drink beer and get a PR.

#5. They give you candy bars at the finish. Oh, and a gay little medal that you should definitely wear to Thanksgiving dinner. I think I might wear all of mine (they have only been doing the medal for the half for 3 or 4 years). Hmm, maybe I'll even wear them during the race. Jingle jangle.

#4. You get to run under the Olympic rings and on part of the Olympic course (90% if you do the full). And you should know, that this is the only American Olympic marathon course that still has a race on it. See how special that is?

#3. You will not be the one making the turkey that day. And if that isn't reason enough, I don't know what is.

#2. Beer, for breakfast. (Every does post race celebrate with beer right?)

#1. You will definitely "earn" your turkey but really what we are talking about is some sweet potato casserole, some mashed potatoes, some dressing--and gravy mmm gravy, some warm pecan pie--with ice cream and some pumpkin pie--with real whip cream-- and lots of yummy wine and Oktoberfest beer and best of all you don't gain a single pound because you burned off 1300 calories running up and down some cute little hills in downtown Atlanta. So see, what I am talking about, really is looking cute, wait, smoking hot, definitely not pudgy-- at the Christmas parties. Your New Year Resolution will be to run more, not diet.

So me? I am all signed up for the full! I have decided the lure of sleeping in my own bed, and driving down to the start/finish beats out traveling (and the costs involved)for a fall marathon elsewhere. Not to mention I don't have to get up at 4 am and leave by 5am since MARTA will not be involved (it is for the half though). I bet I can probably sleep until 5 am which is only an hour earlier than I regularly get up. No biggie.

No, it probably won't be a PR for me but whatever. I really don't care. I am done shelling out money to go do some race and stressing about it going poorly because I spent xxx dollars. This way I only have to spend $60 and I still get to run a marathon --even if it is hard one. But best of all. Afterwards? I get to come home, sit in my shower and then drive around the corner to Lala's and have a big fat delicious dinner that I didn't have to prepare. And the kids don't have to go school until the following Monday so I get a long weekend to relax and recover from the tin man shuffle. Now if the weather will just cooperate this year and I don't get bronchitis. . .

I have been training. My feet/calves continue to be an issue but I am practicing active recovery and rehabbing and icing and massaging the heck out of them. And I think they are slowly getting better. I am optimistic I can run the line between injury and healing. As a result though I have let the speed slide and chosen to focus on building up the mileage. So while I am not fast these days I am in it for the long haul.

Since the half iron man I have just been piling on the running miles. LAst month I only ran 140 miles. I am already past that this month (month prior though I ran 200+).

I ran 58 miles (4 days of running, 1 double) and 21+ miler the 6 days after the race in addition to swimming and cycling.

Last Thursday I managed to pull out a crazy double with 23.5 miles in the morning (3 hours 34 minutes) and then a 3.5 miler recovery run in the evening to hit 28 miles for the day. I finished the week out Saturday at 65 miles (6 days running, 1 double)with a 14.4 miler-- so I am even getting that dreaded mid length run in there too. I did swim and bike once each last week too.

This week I punished myself with yoga on Sunday. I was so freaking sore from twisting myself all pretzel Monday morning (I am still sore from it!) that I did not want to run but I forced myself to do 7 miles. I had to switch my long run this week to today because of commitments I have Wednesday and Thursday and because I need to do it early next week too since I have the Silver Comet half marathon next Saturday and again, commitments at the end of the week. I really wasn't feeling it today but my body loosened up after a few miles and I surprised myself and did 25.3 miles today in 3 hours and 45 minutes. Admittedly, I was a bit slower with the overall pace than last week's 23.5 miler but it was hotter today and last week I ran hard, maybe too hard.

It has been brought to my attention that I might be running my long runs too fast. Really, I am just doing what I can. These routes are quite hilly (by design) and I start out very slow and conservatively with an average 9:30+ pace for the first 5 miles. I let all the stiffness ease itself out of me and then I just start feeling good so I just naturally pick it up. In the middle miles I test out hard/fast paces. Then I reel it in a bit and then run the last mile or two as hard as I can comfortably manage. Today I finished running with 7:30 pace and felt fine. I am glad that I am having the energy to kick it at the end of these mega runs. It is making me hopeful for what is sure to be a bit of a death march in that last uphill 10k on Thanksgiving and so it will be nice if I can keep it together and finish running strong. Sigh, that is the hope. . .

Anyway, that is what I am up to these days. Lots of running, not much of it fast and a little bit of cycling and some swimming too. Well, in addition to all the mom, wife and business stuff. You know; same old, same old.

PS. Go sign up!


  1. It's being sponsored by The Weather Channel this year - so we might actually get a new medal and tshirt! Woohoo!! My hubby is doing the full, I'm doing the half. It's our annual thing.

  2. I am close to signing up for the Death March, um I mean the full. I am just waiting to see how the SC half goes

    My achilles is getting better, especially since the chiro used the "laser" on it.

  3. I will be out of town for Turkey Day and miss it this year. I am not really into distance much these days, but know a lot of peeps will be in for the half and some for the full!

  4. I enjoyed this one last year, although I admit beer for breakfast is compelling.

  5. what on earth have you been up to? Haven't seen or heard from you in awhile. I think those medals could make a cool charm bracelet. Are you ready for Boo Barbie? lala

  6. I'm signed up for the half. Your post cinched the deal. LOL.

    Maybe we'll see each other at SC too. I'll wave when you're coming back while I'm still going out. LOL.

  7. I'm thinking about it - Maybe I can keep up with Sarah for a few miles - i doubt it but i'll try. I'll bring my ipod. :)

    Miss you!!!

  8. Wow, you ran in a day what I ran in one week! And seriously, I was feeling like a bada** for getting to 30 miles in a week. Granted, I am only training for a half marathon, but still - wow.

  9. I did the half last year, IN THE RAIN! awful. Not a little bit of rain, but so much rain my shoes were squishy. It was still fun though. If I were in town this year I would do it again. Instead I am doing the Zooma Half 2 weeks earlier.