Sunday, November 02, 2008

How the Cheetah Got Her Spots

It is a classic tale.

So remember my post a few back with me in the silly hat and glasses?

And with this picture?
And I told you to stay tuned. Well, your patience has paid off!

But first I have to show you some pictures from Halloween. Cause Halloween? It's my favorite holiday. I mean candy? Dressing up? Being silly? What is not to love? Just the bestest ever!

Warning!! Warning!! The Mainstay, Pookie, Lala--you better skip these next few paragraphs.

Okay, I lied. Let's get this out of the way:

For inquiring minds that want to know about my injury and all that boring running stuff I have been really good and didn't run for 7 days straight. I did cycle 4 days for a total of 115 miles--I know, for 4 days that isn't saying much. It was a little cold this week. I also swam twice for a total of 4600 yds for the week and I did yoga once and lifted weights twice. I even did the elliptical but couldn't make it much past 20 minutes on it. (How the heck do people do that thing for an hour?) I also stretched a lot. Needless to say not running 50 or so miles this week has left me feeling a little chubby.

This morning I woke up with a "touch of the flu". But it was my first day back running so I sucked it up--meaning I took some of that nasty BC powder and ate a lot of Halloween candy and sucked down some coffee.

Head hurt and tummy felt turned but my left calf was not swollen and nothing in the legs hurt. Not even that tendon in my calf that gives me so much trouble. When I gave the calf muscle a big ole stretch it gave no argument. I was all loosey goosey and could touch my toes and walk down the stairs without my ankles feeling all crunchy. I was ready to run--well except for that "flu".

I hit the Leita Thompson trail for a little trail run. I felt so light on my feet and definitely went out bit faster than I normally do for the first 2 miles. I started to feel a little bad and my feet were feeling achy and my calf seemed like it might get tight so I slowed down. I finished the 5 miles in 42 minutes feeling great. I was going to quit and started walking for a cool down but I was feeling good so I added on another 2 mile loop and finished the 7 miles in 62 minutes. We'll see how that feels in the morning. Keeping my fingers crossed for an easy 10 and then a short speed session with my old buddy the dreadmill on Tuesday. The faster pace will be the real test. I definitely feel like I have taken two steps back with my running and well, I am trying to not let it get me down. I guess I couldn't keep getting faster forever but I was hoping it would last a bit longer and I would see some bigger improvements at the 10k, half and marathon. Oh well. At least I can run far still, even if it is slow. Hmm, maybe this post is really about how the Cheetah lost her spots. . .

Okay, Lala, The Mainstay, Pookie you can read again.

Friday was Halloween and our good friends Steph and Dee Dee were having a costume party. They invited us to bring our kids to come trick or treat with their kids. Costume party and trick or treating? You don't have to ask me twice.

Here are the kids:
They were too excited to sit still for me to get a good picture of their costumes. But kitty and skeleton. Pretty basic. Carmella--ever the minimalist wanted the simplest, least frufru costume we could find and Beau . . . well, Beau wanted to be anything. Everything was appealing.

Beau, Max, Livi and Carmella
Our hosts, Steph the Mummy and Dee Dee the sexy mommy witch:

Okay before I show you my costume I just want you to know that I bought this one because it was $15 and it came with everything. If money were no issue I assure you that this would not be a costume I would pick.
But it was a good deal and it fit me.
Brace yourself.
It is pink. . .

Pink Cheetah!
Those are furry pink leg warmers.
And no.
They do not do my giant calves any favors.
Like I said $15 dollars--dress with tail, kitty bell, kitty ears, kitty mittens, kitty leg warmers. Stilettos and pink fishnets I already had. It was a deal. You try shopping for a costume with your 5 yr old and 7 yr old and see what you come up with.

Here is me with Tara and Dee Dee. Tara is wearing the dress and shoes from my tooth fairy costume.
And yes. I walked around Dee and Steph's neighborhood with my kids dressed like that. I have no shame. But if you keep reading you will see I come by it naturally.

But before I get to that let me show you Ryan's. I warn you. It is pretty insensitive and if you are one of those sensitive, politically correct types and watch Animal Planet all the time this is probably going to offend you and you should stop reading now.

I won't tell you what he is, I'll let you figure it yourself, but you should know that I had nothing to do with any part of this costume--the idea, the design or even the making of the stuffed animal on his chest. Ryan did it all by himself. I did supply the needle and thread and the hot glue gun but beyond that it was all Ryan.

Okay, ready?
Ta Da!

Not sure? Need more pictures to figure it out?
I laughed my ass off all night long.
Here are some group shots from the party:
The Girls:
The Guys:

So when I mentioned that I come by this dressing up and being all silly and goofy naturally I wasn't kidding.

I am sure you are familiar with the whole nature vs nurture debate?

Well, bless my heart, this tabula rasa didn't have a kitten's chance in a dogfight. Clearly, it is not only genetic but is bred. And obviously, it doesn't skip a generation.

Exhibit A: Lala, my mother

All fancy frying that "brown popcorn" aka, okra (gag).

This is my cousin Diana:
My cousin Kathy:

My cousin Betsy:

My cousins Kathy, Ray, Isabella and Amelia:

All the women dress up:

The reason for all this dressing up was to honor and celebrate my great Aunt Boo's 80th birthday. She likes animal prints, fancy hats (this I didn't know) and white wine with ice.
When she talks all her vowels are long and drawn out. She says double diphthongs-- if such a thing exists. For example, my family nickname is Pooh--as in Winnie the Pooh--not poopie. She pronounces "Pa'ewww". And if you say something like "I have to pee." She'll say, "Pa'eww. Don't be a red neck." And flamingos are pink ducks. And you should always "be sweet". And at Christmas when she answers the phone she says "Christmas gift!" instead of "hello!". And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

There was a performance too. A new rendition of her favorite song Deep Purple.
I know you are thinking "Poor Nat!" She had to wear that unfortunate color purple but you know there are just somethings you are willing to do for family. As you can see in the above picture wearing a boa was not one of the things Carmella was willing to do for family. When I asked her "cape or boa?" she seemed relieved at the option of cape and snatched it right out of my hands.

Anyway, I hope this post cleared up the possible question of why I like costumes and am so ridiculous acting sometimes. It's up-bringing. I can't help it.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!

Ha! And I bet you thought this post was going to be about running fast!
Even if I am not fast I am still a Cheetah. This old cat isn't quite ready to hang up her running shoes (or furry pink leg warmers).


  1. 10 miles OR speed work on the treadmill. NOT BOTH! Jeez. And then tomorrow, (gasp) a day off!

  2. Is there no cheetah animal print left in the state of GA? Has it all been purchased by the Wolfe clan? What is not to love about animal print, fancy hats, and wine on ice???

  3. Holy shit.! I know your mama reads this, but OMG, i was laughing hard. Firstly, happy birthday to Aunt Boo, whose accent i could hear perfectly from your description. South Georgia, right? She would probably call me Ay-ann. Just like my dad's family talked.
    Secondly, lala is one hot mama. Especially frying that okra. mmmm. Brown popcorn is one of my faves!

    Finally, i think one of the reasons I like you so much is that you are southern and shameless, and just a little off your rocker. We should probably never get our families together. Ever. Georgia might just explode.

  4. Lala is still hot!!

    Don't tell Mr. Lala I said that. :)

  5. Holy Crap! Your husband looks just like Steve Irwin! HI-larious! And 8-minute miles are very fast for me, so quit beating yourself up - you are an awesome runner, Cheetah-Girl! And also - you are from the South, woman, so you'd better lighten up on the is the shiz-nit!