Sunday, March 01, 2009

Getting Into the Groove

I have heard the rule is don't talk about it.

But of course I can't help it.

I can't help but express myself.

And I know doing it will just jinx it; ruin it probably. . . but oh my goodness it is eating me up inside and I just have to yell it out loud:


You know what I really want to say is GREAT! But that will jinx it even more. . .

I haven't spoken about running for awhile. Really not since my most awesome marathon ever a month and half ago. And I have struggled with being sick. I was laid up and couldn't run for about week after the race due to a chest infection but mostly because I had a high fever.Definitely not wisely, but I have been known to run with bronchitis so really it is fever that is the running deal breaker for me. And that is what took me out this time.

After I got an antibiotic I kicked that infection to the curb and hit the pavement. The running was there. The paces faster, the distances the same. I was full steam ahead and planning for my 3rd Georgia ING marathon; my 3rd marathon in 4 months.

Then I caught the cold Ryan had been nursing for 2 weeks. I wasted no time and went to the doctor. At this point I was advised by many running compats to give up the ghost and bail on the Ga ING marathon.

After a few days rest for the cold though I hit the pavement again and the running? It was still good. Great even. But 2 colds in a month after not having been sick for over a year left even me a little less than optimistic.

So I've tried to keep it to myself (as best as I keep anything to myself) and weighed it out.

And here is what I've been up to running wise the past 5 weeks:
Jan 17th: marathon PR 3:28 7:57 avg pace
Jan 18th: one hour yoga
Jan 19th: Still sore from the marathon. Surprised at the soreness so I do the elliptical and stationary bike for 40 minutes and then stretch for 10 minutes.
Jan 20th: I run 3 trail miles at a 9 min avg pace. It is really cold and my chest feels heavy. I think I am still tired from the race.
Jan 21-25: I am so sick that I lie on the couch and barely move because I have a fever of 103. Get drugs on the 24th and feel human on the 25th.
Jan 26th: one hour of yoga where I revel in new found flexibility. Who knew all it took was not running to be able to touch my toes and do splits again.
Jan 27th: Test out the running legs; 10 hilly miles at an average 7:47 pace. Still coughing and need my inhaler but the pace and legs are back!
Jan 28th: Tried to do treadmill intervals and fail. End up with 5 miles at an avg 7:53 pace. Lift weights for 20 minutes. Swim 2000 yds in 35 minutes. Consider entire workout a failure.
Jan 29th: Double run day. 6 miles in the am at an 8:28 pace. 4 miles in the afternoon at a 8:06 avg pace.
Jan 30th: 16.25 miles at a 8:17 pace. Run was hard but is 30 seconds faster than I usually do this run.
Jan 31st: 45 mile bike ride where I have my ass handed to me.
Feb 1st: one hour yoga
Feb 2nd: 6 mile hilly hangover run at a 8:17 avg pace
Feb 3rd: 21 mile hilly long run at a 8:38 avg pace. Still having problems with chest congestion but feel good. Still on antibiotics
Feb 4th: Not my smartest move ever. Treadmill intervals. 2 mile warm up @ 8:30 pace. Then 3x 4min @6:35 pace with 4 min recovery. Ran it out to 6miles and an average 7:43 pace. Stretched the gams out real good.
Feb 5th: 4 mile trail run at a 8:37 average pace. Dead legs.
Feb 6th: 6 mile hilly loop. Everything sucked. 9:52 avg pace.
Feb 7th: Another crappy run: 3.3 miles 8:58 avg pace. Bailed on the run.
Feb 8th: 30.3 mile bike ride with Steph. Very nice, easy day.
Feb 9th: 2.25 mile trail run with the kids. 12 min avg pace.
Feb 10th: 12.48 mile hilly run. 8:09 avg pace.
Feb 11th: sick. Try to do treadmill intervals. Bail .6 mile in.
Feb 12-13: Back on the couch
Feb 14th: yoga. Still congested but okay.
Feb 15th: 2 mile trail run with Beau. 14 min avg pace.
Feb 16th: Flat 6 mile run. 7:22 avg pace.
Feb 17th: 12.48 hilly run. 7:58 avg pace.
Feb 18th: Push the envelope and try to do treadmill intervals. Bonked half way and ended up with 6 miles at an average 8:05 pace. Swam 2000yds in 35 minutes.
Feb 19th: 6 mile hilly run in the am at an avg 8:22 pace. 3.10 mile trail run in the afternoon at a 8:20 pace.
Feb 20th: rest day
Feb 21st: 21 miles hilly run at a 8:14 avg pace. Freaking BEAUTIFUL run.
Feb 22nd: One hour yoga and 2000 yd swim in 35 minutes.
Feb 23rd: 12.48 mile hilly run in 7:48 pace in the am. One hour mat Pilate's in the afternoon.
Feb 24th: 8.14 mile hilly easy run with the dog. 8:31 avg pace.
Feb 25th: Finally showed the treadmill who was boss. Successful intervals: 7 miles at an avg 7:41 pace. 12 minutes stretching.
Feb 26th: 4 mile easy run: 8:20 avg pace
Feb 27th: 24.62 mile rain soaked hilly run at a 8:26 avg pace with the most stellar Kate Brun. Here is a our picture that we took at our 14 mile-ish pit stop.
I just have to say that I am so flattered that she wants to run with me! The girl, and I say girl cause she is 22, has a marathon PR of 2:54 and has many 3 hour and sub 3 hour marathons under her teeny tiny waist. Clearly, it is I who benefits from running with her.
Feb 28th: 3.26 miles on the treadmill at an avg 7:39 pace. One hour yoga.
March 1st: One hour yoga.

And so, and this brings me to my point, I have gone ahead and signed up for the Georgia ING marathon despite many wiser and more gifted runners telling me not to.

What can I say.
I am optimistic.
Chalk it up to my new blondness.
We'll call it blond ambition.

See, here I am with Ryan a month ago being browner and obviously with a less sunny outlook:

And Ryan did say there is no such thing as too blond. And I did just tell Pookie today that I am feeling I could be blonder. She did mention something about the limits of the hair to bleach ratio but WHATEVER! I say, in regards to blondness and the marathon: Bring. It. On!

I have no ideals of another PR but I think at the very least I can expect in the next 29 days--assuming a 2.5 week taper that at the very least--barring sickness or injury-- I can run a sub 3:40 marathon. And really, I swear, that will make me happy.

Yes, of course, I would loved to run a 3:30 sub 3:30 even.

But I am not planning on it.

Whatever the day brings it brings.

I just want another a marathon before summer gets here and it is too hot. I LOVE the epic-ness of a marathon. I like being out there for a few hours, running, enjoying the world and being with people who like to do the same.

Right now, for me, happiness is running long and far. That is what I want to do.

I just got to keep it together, you know.

I am sure, having put it all down here. Tomorrow will totally suck.


  1. I'm glad you're over your rough patches. Take your vitamins and be kind to yourself so you can make it to the start strong and healthy!

  2. Smut if very confused as to what blonde has to do with anything.

  3. Duh. Blondes have more fun.

  4. You GO, girl! You know how it is,though. Some days are better than others (running wise), and who knows why sometimes? Go with it!

  5. Glad things are going well, and GREAT hair!

  6. You say you love being out there, but a lot of times it doesn't come across in your blog. Run the GA marathon for the fun of it instead of trying to kill yourself for the sake of a PR. Enjoy being out there with other like-minded people and enjoy the tour of Atlanta.

    There will be plenty more races for PRs.

    If I see you out there, I'll be sure to introduce myself. I'm sure it would have to be at the start though, because you will blow my doors off and be gone before I make it to mile 21. ;-)

    Stay healthy!

  7. Yes, your running has been awesome! Congrats on finding a speedier peep to motivate you!!!

  8. Did you know that Kate used to be a softball player??! My wife and I met her before her first wasn't long before she was dusting all of us. Some HS cross country coach really missed the boat on that girl!

    Congrats on the recent training and good luck in the ING. I'm planning to run the half.

  9. Blonds are fun but red heads rule.
    Cat Gossett

  10. Cat: Says the redhead who dyes her hair blond ;). I would totally have red hair if I could pull it off! Where you been? On FB vacay again?

    Skigator: Kate did me she played ball. She has mad talent for sure.

    Sean: Be sure to say. And yes, often I am a whiner but that doesn't mean I don't love it. I just like to complain. It is my way. I am NOT good keeping things to myself.

  11. Go you! I like the blonde. It is very you.

    And I can't believe Kate wants to run with you either. :-)

    Also, who is Sean, and why is he so bossy when he doesn't even know you?

  12. I think you rock. And, as someone a lot slower than you, I *love* it that you talk about how you don't want to run sometimes. That's human!!! On any given weekday, I moan and groan very audibly before heading out for a run, but afterwards, I'm almost always glad I did. And on race day, I'm proud of myself for having gotten out there. You epitomize that spirit in the most inspirational way, because not only are you "out there", you're F.A.S (fast as sh**).

    Keep it up!!! :)