Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So yeah . . .

Full on boring long ass detailed and rambling on to no end race report is coming. Promise!

Forgive me, I am still having a bit of a pout fest. Sunday was not my best day. Going to a chiropractor --first time ever--tomorrow to see what I did to my back/hip. My left hip is like a bowl of Rice Krispies it is popping so much and I feel crooked. Could be in my mind but I feel like I got this weeble when walk and never mind about the wobble that I feel when I run. . .

For those who care just to know the time and none of the boring self absorbed whiney ass details:

Natalie Fischer #343

Age: 38 Gender: F

Clock Time3:41:36
Chip Time3:41:12
Overall Place297 / 2153
Gender Place45 / 739
Division Place6 / 136
Age Grade63.2%

Sigh, at least I qualified for Boston but man was I ever unhappy how hard I had to fight for it. I think 2009's 3:29 and 2008's 3:38 were easier on me. I will, however, still maintain 2007 as the reigning toughest year on the ING course for me and this is only because I did not have to the medical tent on Sunday. There, is, always next year. I am already signed up.


  1. Hummm, I guess I should write a blog post...

  2. Awesome, awesome. A terrific time and even though you had to fight hard, you did it!!!!!!

  3. Wow!! You are freakin fast! Even with a hurt hip! Hope it is feeling better soon!

  4. Sorry you are feeling a big "feebly" right now. Definitely get that checked out. Hopefully it will be nothing. Your time is still rocking, even though it wasn't what you wanted. You go, girl!

  5. The worst thing I saw was AGE: 38. WOW! No wonder your hips and back hurt. It's a wonder you can walk at all. All fun aside, if you didn't have bad days you wouldn't recognize the good ones.

  6. Hey,

    You should sign up to come run our half in Athens this fall. Guaranteed hard hills, but hopefully your hip will be OK by then. October 24th at 7:00am. Diana and Amelia Kirbo are supposed to come do it. Lots of fun, and Hey, 3:41 with the Druid Hills thrown in plus a hurt back isn't bad AT ALL!

  7. Blogger was acting wonky yesterday. I will try again later today.

    I have thought about the half in Oct but I think I have a conflict that weekend.