Thursday, August 05, 2010

The First Day of School

I just love the first day of school. The nervousness, the excitement surrounding the first day is tangible. It is like how the humidity in August makes the air so thick you think you might could chew it. I just love seeing the kids all shiny in their new clothes and ready to implode from possibilities and promises of a new school year.  . .

Carmella loves it because of the new school supplies and the chance to hone her superior organizational skills. (She was about to burst wide open  and leave tiny Carmella pieces all over my car when I told her I was getting her a new agenda at the school store this morning.)

Another school year means seeing if she can be even nicer to people this year. Maybe make it for a triple crown this year for the Principal's award.  . .  Honestly I think the child is relieved to have routine again as I've slacked off the past few weeks with my stringency to the chore chart and the schedule. She has seemed a bit adrift, mentioning how I need to update. . .

Beau loves it because he likes to collect friends and the first day is primo  opportunity to make new ones. Already he has made nice with the new girl from New York. Her name? Not important. But she is new and she is from New York. Exotic girl. Also, his teacher? She likes to sing and she had some funny stories. He also got to talk to all his friends from the past years, his speech teacher, his old kindergarten teacher, his first grade teacher, some lady in the library, the janitor, the Principal, Abby's dad and who knows who else. Beau may never be the most studious or most well behaved student but he is possibly the most friendly and  the most eager. (PS. I got a personal call this afternoon from his teacher telling me how awesome his day was! Uhm, that has NEVER happened.)

Me? I like it because it always seems like a chance to start over.  It also marks some free time for me to focus on training. To begin, in this case,  marathon training anew. That whole training through summer didn't workout so well for me last year. So this summer I took a big cut back in miles, tried my best to heal all my nagging injuries and enjoyed the view from the pool, the bike, the Bikram yoga mat . . .

Today I christened my first day of marathon training with a 10 mile run. I am tired and have a fun over from our recent beach vacation so this little run wasn't as awesome as I hoped but it was okay. I mean, okay as in I didn't die.

But, I mean really. Like any run in August in Atlanta at 9 am with a temp of 86 degrees and 70% humidity is ever going to be awesome? I mean, sure I could go run 10 miles on the treadmill and average a minute faster per mile and all but where is the fun in that? More importantly and most pointedly: I wouldn't be sweating out near the amount of beer running 10 miles in air conditioning as I do making nice with the sufferfest trinity of heat, hills, and humidity.

Cause, out there? In the heat? Where I bake for an hour 25ish on the side walk? I literally see the fat melting off of me.

At least, that is what I like to think  is in those pools of sweat I leave when I must stop at a stop light.

Okay. So has anyone else noticed lately the heat inflation going on? I will note  that the posted official temp says one thing--like 90 degrees-- and  then they've got this "real feel" or heat index of 10-15 degrees higher?

Is this so I will feel more extreme?
Is that so I will feel more hardcore or possibly, stupid for not only attempting outdoor endurance activities but for just peeking my head out the door?
Or is it a conspiracy to make me crank my air conditioner up? Cause, uhm yeah. That is working (daily prayer of July, August and September: Please don't break. Please don't break. In Artic Jesus name I pray you can leave me so poor I can't buy food but please keep my air conditioner fully functioning. Amen.)

Besides, what does it matter?

I don't need weather dot com to tell me that anything close to or over 90 degrees in good ole Hotlanta is going to feel like someone mistakenly stuffed me while still breathing in a crematorium. 110? 95?  Even 93 degrees-- any way you sell it to me it does not make me think my run is going to be blissful or even remotely comfortable. It honestly doesn't matter to me at this point if it is 80 degrees or 110 degrees. Unless it is under 70 degrees I am probably not going to love my run. And besides, that sweet spot for me in running? It is a cool 32 degrees. And well, I got months and months and miles and miles to go before I am there.  Ahhh, running through the woods on a snowy evening. Doesn't that just sound divine?

But never mind the heat. I'm staying in the kitchen! Hell's Kitchen, Hell's ditch, whichever-- I can take it! I am ready! Bring it on!

And like a kid on the first day of school:  I am bursting with the hope for a good year, a better year.  . .
So with my new supplies (why hello there yellow--viva Livestrong!!-- Air Pegasus) and new found ambition; I am ready to start a new. And I am  looking for my first quarter exam to be on November 13, 2010.

For certain, I have lots of studying-- lots of catching up to do-- but I hope, at the very least, to make it an A+ effort.


  1. Great post Nat,glad you are back!

  2. Nike? Interesting. I've left Brooks for Asics. The difference is astounding.

    It is soooooo sweet that you have chosen to run a marathon in honor of my birthday. I am not running mine until the next day...

    No more marathons for you after that one until April 18th, 2011. Promise! No screwing around, tempting fate, etc...

  3. Well I do have to run the GA one before. I am already registered for it. But I plan on it being a training run at long run pace. Should be okay.

  4. Oh, and I have been running in nike all summer. Neutral shoe even. But they didn't have the model anymore so I had to switch, again. We'll see. A lot less stiff than the Brooks and the fit is better, Weird since Nike never worked for me before.

  5. You need to put RNR Savannah marathon on your calendar in honor of your 40th! It is on Nov 5th, 2011

  6. oooooh I love those yellow shoes-I've been in Mizunos for a long time now- but I think I'm ready for a change. Are they at Big Peach? (Smut)