Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Out Riding Fences

There has been much excitement at my house for the past few days. Ryan is finally putting up that fence I asked  him to build like oh, nine years ago. See. I can be patient.
Beau in particular is super excited. It is a little bizarre how excited he is about the fence. Carmella and I are like, meh, fence, yay! But sheesh, finally.  . .

Beau came home from school yesterday so pumped about helping Daddy build the fence. I was a little worried that Ryan didn't know yet about all the help he was going to be getting but you know what? A Beau off my back for an afternoon is a Beau off my back. I don't care who I toss under the Beau bus for that. Not that I don't love the guy but you know, his energy is like boy to the fourth power. His energy? His talking? (irony on so many levels) It trumps mine.

I insisted he do his homework first. Much fence building time was wasted over a tantrum, failed negotiations, complaining  and then him finally doing it after Ryan said he couldn't help if he didn't do his homework.  I left to take Carmella to the dentist. I returned an hour later  to find him wearing ripped camo shorts, a ripped t shirt, a pair of Carmella's old hiking boots that are 3 sizes too big, bike gloves and wielding pruners as big as him. Ryan actually wears a similar outfit to work in the yard, minus the bike gloves which are replaced by heavy duty work gloves, but I guess Beau saw what his uniform should be and improvised the best he could. I also guess that Beau was probably driving Ryan crazy with "Dad! Dad! What can I do? You need me to hold a post?" That Ryan said, "Here, take the pruners and go clear the weeds." I think the neighbors will be excited all the bushwhacking Beau did on their property.
I went to meet Steph and the other Tuesday night groupies to ride in Roswell and then run last night. Apparently I missed out on Beau's 5 hour non stop blue streak talking about fence building. When I got home at 9pm Beau heard me and woke up to tell me that he had changed the outfit we laid out for school. I looked it over and decided that since it didn't have any holes or stains that it wasn't worth the fight, so I left it. Plus, if the kid wants to look like a fool why should I stop him? Maybe in this case a little peer pressure and ribbing might be good. But knowing Beau he has probably started a fad .

He woke up at 6:30 this morning and talked nonstop about the fence, even showing and explaining to me the blue print sketch that I had been there while Ryan drew it. He kept right on talking and talking and talking until I dropped him at school at 7:20. He didn't even break subject when he did a face plant down the stairs from tripping over the boots and could not be persuaded to put on shoes that fit.

I can only guess what he talked about at school today. I find it very interesting the Adderall does not make him quiet like the Ritalin made me. He has self control, behaves, sits in his seat and is able to focus but he still has a lot to say. Ritalin near made me a mute.  I am not saying this is bad thing I am just saying I am surprised. Clearly it is a better medication.

Okay, so yeah, after school. . . 

As soon as he got in the car he said "Hurry up Mom! I gotta help Dad with the fence! " He was again pissed about the homework first stipulation; especially since Ryan had hired to workers to help and Carmella had told Beau, when she saw their truck, "Oh Dude, you've been replaced!"

He finally finished his worksheet and reading and went out to help Ryan. Even Carmella went and a bit later the neighbor girl, Riley, came over--expecting to play fashion show or veterinarian-- and got roped into fence building.  She also got roped into painting the house last summer too. You'd think she wouldn't want to come play here anymore. I know I wouldn't.

So I went out to check the progress on the fence just now and the kids told me they decided to build their own fence. In the middle of the yard. It will be their talking area, Carmella explained. And I was SO relieved to know that, now, there will be a specific area for that. It will make things so much easier on me. I might even be able to focus or complete a thought without being interrupted by chatter.

Beau said it would be their special meeting place and Riley added that it would also be "a war memorial for 1983. " Beau, Carmella and I just looked at her and she said, "Right, I don't know what I am talking about. I just wanted to say something too." See! Good thing that there will be a fenced off area in the middle of my backyard specifically designed for that!

Okay, so here is them working on their fence. I asked if the flags were for gas lines or something but Carmella said that was where the posts were going.

I know. That is going to look awesome! Really going to enhance the landscaping (snort). Okay, eventual landscaping. Whatever. It may be an eyesore but it has kept 3 children out of my house that I have been trying all afternoon to clean and, even better, it is going to be a future talking area! A play pen that the kids built for themselves. Fabulous! Who cares how ugly it is!


  1. i remember building forts in the woods as a child and my kids built stuff too. Then came the renovating and remodeling that took years and hours in the woods

  2. War Memorial to 1983! That Riley is a pretty cute kid-she fits right in at your place. Wonder how long it will take Lola to escape that fence? Will they come build a "talking area" over here? Lala.

  3. If I could take one med that I don't need, it would be Adderall.
    That and Xtacy (which I've also never taken) could change the world for the better.

  4. Nice story, i like it so much. Keep posting topics like this! :)