Thursday, March 31, 2011


I am worthless.

I have one thing on my mind.

No. Not the one thing Ryan wishes I always had on my mind.

Usually my mind is filled with a bazillion different ideas per second. But lately it is a one track, broken record and it is saying:Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I still have over 2weeks!

I apologize to all my friends, family, acquaintances, neighbors, the cashier at Publix, Beau's teacher last year, and other random strangers in advance for how annoying I have been and  more than likely will continue to be. I am sorry that no matter what you say, what your problem is, what your question is I am almost 100% certain that somehow I will find a way to work into the conversation that me? I'm going to Boston.  You know, to run a marathon.

I think I might be a little excited.

I know I have been annoying my friend I am staying with in Boston all week with a bazillion facebook questions. I tried to hold out as long as possible before I started bothering Allison but 3 1/2 weeks out was as long as I made it. I made it a few days longer before I started pestering Lisa, my sister's college roommate, who also lives in Boston, and starting forming plans with her and her husband.

Today I called my sister 3 times at work before she finally called me back so I could tell her all the plans I was making.  Sure I am seeing her Saturday to go to the Band of Horses concert but I couldn't wait. I had to tell her today!!!

Oh, by the way, Pookie is coming with me to Boston! No, I don't think she is excited as I am. After I told her the plans I've made I asked her if she could do my hair before we go. I explained that I need to be blonder. For Boston. Marathon Barbie goes to Boston. (I look nothing like Barbie, I know. Pookie just calls me that. I think she is trying to be mean but I love it.) And there is reason to the blond madness. Right before I ran 3:29 at my nemesis race (aka Georgia Marathon) in 2009 she made me ridiculous blond. I was Malibu blond. And I think being blonder might make me faster. I haven't run under 3:30 since and I haven't been that blond. Related? I think so. Definitely.

This is me and Pookie at the Inman park parade last year. I am not Malibu blond there but am wearing the bridesmaid dress that she wore in my wedding and she is wearing the bridesmaid dress I wore in hers.They didn't look like that for the weddings. She cut them up and made them into woodland fairy dresses because what else do you do with bridesmaid dresses? Wear them for the Boston marathon?
BostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBoston. ....

Tuesday I told Ryan the other night about the arrangements I was making for the kids after school while I would be in Boston. What food I was thinking about making and freezing for them to eat while I was gone. And that I arranged for someone else to drive the ballet carpool. And did he want me to take MARTA to the airport? And after listening for me going on for about 5 minutes he said, Wait, you aren't leaving for  3 weeks right?
Right . Saturday April 16th.
Okay well, we can talk about it then.
BostonBoston BostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBoston

And then there was my friend who asked me if  her daughter could stay with us for a few days while she goes out of town. She told me the date and I was like: Well, let me think. I am leaving for Boston in week from then.. .  I think I can do it. I'll just have a lot of packing to do for my 4 day trip. Yeah, okay. But just let  her know that I'll be really busy getting ready for Boston.

I think the best might be that I emailed Brooks. You know the running company.
To see if they had anymore "Run Happy" hats because I have worn mine to pieces and I really really really wanted to wear a Run Happy hat for the Boston marathon. That I will be running. I even stipulated this year in the email. And in case they weren't sure exactly when the Boston marathon was, I included the date. April 18th. They emailed me back and told me there were no more Run Happy hats but I might like their Shamrock hat. No. I would not. It is white and green. My outfit will blue, white, and black to match my Adrenalines. Duh.

I am dying to find out what the weather will be like so I can start packing already! This is like waiting for Santa Claus!! I've been good. And I've been training (despite stupid injuries) and I.just.can't.wait!! BostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBoston....


  1. BostonBostonBostonBostonBostonBoston.

    I think Malibu blonde with the fairy dress is perfect. : )

  2. I found your blog through the runners world boston forum and I love this post....because I can relate 100%! I'm useless...Boston on the brain. : )