Thursday, April 14, 2011

Singing a Song

This morning my ADHD is raging. I am avoiding packing for Boston because it is so overwhelming. You wouldn't think putting clothes, shoes and toiletries and other crap in a suitcase would be so hard. But it is. It is hard because before I can do that I must do everything else: clean the house, wash all the linens, shop, do every dirty stitch of laundry, clean out a closet, buy new contact paper for the kitchen cabinets, make meals to freeze, make lists when I never make lists, wash the dog, try on all my clothes--even the cocktail dresses, blog . . .

And while I have been thinking and doing everything else  but what I need to be doing I have been singing a song. I've just been walking around my house, still in pj's, singing it. I've been humming the tune since I got up this morning at 6 am. Finally around 8am I realize I can't even remember how the original song goes because I've been singing my version. In fact I can't even remember who sings the song or the real title of the song I am singing. And I certainly can't call someone and say, Hey listen...and hum the tune for them. Then ask them the name of the song and who sings it because I am so tone deaf that I can't replicate the song I am hearing in my head. I know this because I've been in this situation before and no one ever knows and they just laugh at me. I am THAT tone deaf. Yes, it is embarrassing. But sing still I do!

So I waste 30 minutes with my best friend Google trying to find the correct version of the song I am singing.The only things I know about the song is that it is from the 70's,--I think. I am certain it is sung by a woman. I am almost positive that my mom owned a record (ha!) with this song on it and  use to sing it when she once upon a time played the guitar. I do contemplate calling my mom and I do know that she will probably be able to figure it out for me but that will be last resort. I am not ready to be made of yet this morning. I am on edge, Fragile, even. I am trapped under an imaginary giant and disorganized pile of clothes, shoes, toiletries and make up that I must squeeze and organize into a teeny tiny carry on suitcase.

But I found it! All on my own! Yay! Success! Accomplishment!

First though, this was the lyrics I was singing:

Procrastination, Procrastinaaaayaytion
It's making me late
Keepin' my crazzzzyyy
tomorrow. ....
lalalalalalallablahblahblah..... Procrastination!

Based on that can you guess the original?

I was so close with my first search of "Infatuation" and Joni Mitchell.

But then Carly Simon popped in my head and viola!

Anticipation. Procrastination. It really is just semantics.


  1. Good luck at Boston! I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and have been stalking it. :) I love your writing style and am inspired by your running accomplishments! Have a great race on Monday!

  2. You need your travel/expo outfit, your race outfit, and your "Hey bitch, I just ran Boston!" outfit. That's all! Easy!