Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Future Business Leaders of America: No Need to Suit Up

I've decided to let my political angst go.

My job search angst too.

(Okay, I am totally lying on that part. Still so angst ridden.)

But in the past few days, I have realized that it really isn't going to matter who wins the presidential election in November.

It isn't going to fix the economy.
Or the unemployment.
Or, more specifically,  my unemployment.

(Etymological aside: does anyone else think it is suspicious that the word "ploy" in employment is sandwiched in between em and ment? )

Why you ask, has my vitriol angst suddenly dissipated? What is the root of such a radical epiphany?

Well, because I know our Future Business Leaders of America right now are smelly 9 year old boys (or girls but I don't think they are as smelly)-- like my son Beau.


The economy is forever screwed. . .

On Friday I took the kids to get free candy, I mean, to the local high school homecoming parade.Woo hoo! School spirit!
My kids are now of the age that I am just their personal chauffeur. They neither want to hang out with me or with each other. Truthfully, I am barely tolerated most days but they will happily tolerate me if I am taking them to make their social connections. Beau wanted to watch the parade with his friends near the baseball fields. Carmella, did NOT want to hang out with a bunch of 9 and 10 years, you know now that she is 11.

 Lucky for me, Beau's friend's mom agreed to keep an eye on him while I took Carmella to her friends rendezvous spot--by the movie theaters. They were a bit smarter, picking their spot at the start of the parade where the candy bags would still be filled to the brim. Plus, we were hanging out with the band waiting for the parade to start.
But I guess Beau's spot was superior because Beau scored the most fabulous shirt he is wearing in the above picture.
Here are the facts as I have come to understand regarding the most awesome t shirt ever.
Beau was tossed the shirt from some  obviously very cool high school kid  because said kid was:
1. On a float in the High School Homecoming parade
2. A member of the Future Business Leaders of America club
Futher, the shirt posses some sort of magical powers because:
3. Beau was the only one amongst his throng of friends at the parade that scored a shirt.
4. Beau was told by several parents that "that shirt is SO you Beau!"
5. He wants to wear it No matter how dirty or grubby the shirt is.
 In the 6 days Beau has been in possession of the most awesome t-shirt ever he has worn it no less than 5 times and already twice to school.
And yes, today is only Wednesday.
He wore it all night Friday. He slept in it too. Saturday he wore it to Carmella's lacrosse game. He had to change out of it for his game but immediately following his game's completion he superman like changed from lacrosse jersey back  into the most awesome t-shirt ever. I managed to get it away from him and wash it Saturday night. But he had it back on Sunday, pulling it straight from the dryer before it even made it to the folding basket.
 I washed it again Sunday night so he could wear it to school on Monday.
On Monday, at recess, apparently he got dragged through the mud because he and the most awesome t-shirt came home covered in Georgia red clay. So I washed it again but noted Tuesday afternoon while folding clothes that the mud stains didn't come out. So I set it aside to wash again, stain treat.
Yes. I really do that much laundry.
Somehow though Beau found the shirt because this morning Beau came down to breakfast again in the shirt.
Absolutely not, I told him. Go change.
So he did, surprisingly without much argument, and I thought that was the end of it. I sent him to school in an acid green shirt with a blue hoody sweatshirt. So imagine my surprise, when I spotted him from my place in the carpool lane standing on the school porch not in an acid green shirt and blue hoody but in the now stained most awesome t-shirt ever.
My blood boiled but I did chuckle at him and then, promptly punished him when we got home. Which, he really didn't seem to care about. He was like, yeah yeah, time out in my room but when that is over I need to go to Gio's to work on our skit we are filming for music class-- so how long is this "punishment" gonna take? We gotta get started on the skit I wrote. It is called Scary Pig 1. There is going to be a 2 and a 3 too. Maybe a 4. We are filming it today at Gio's and Tobias's houses. We might need to use our house next week.
Either way, I  guess he had made his peace knowing that there would be consequences and he just didn't care and would deal with them because he sat in his room. He even cleaned up, read and got all his stuff ready for tomorrow.
Besides, I totally needed him to go to Gio's so I didn't have to take him with my on an appointment I had to take Carmella to. Sometimes the tolerating each other is a 2 way street.
 I know, I know. Mom of the year award coming my way yet again!
So anyway,  Future Business Leaders of America,  Beau has claimed himself as one of yours. And he is bringing it in business super casual.
Stains! Okay!
 Fit? Not important!  
And you should know he has zero respect for authority.
And he definitely doesn't care if his clothes are clean, or himself for that matter . (Dear Lord, or his hands, ew)
But most of all: He doesn't even like to do work.
Last week I had a conference with his teacher who told me he wasn't doing his "morning work." At first she was worried he couldn't do it. But when she figured out that he could  and could without much effort or time, she asked him why he wasn't doing it and he flatly told her: " I don't want to."
I asked him what he was doing instead of his morning work and he said "talking to my friends"
And what are they doing? I wanted to know.
"Their morning work."
Okay. In seriousness, I do think the future of America and Business will be okay. I mean, provided that Beau and his peers outgrow these little boy and child like habits, unlike some of the people currently in power positions...  
And last comment.
When I picked Beau up from "working" at Gio's on the script he had written I could tell he was mad about something. Finally, as I parked the car in the garage, I heard him mutter to himself, "Now I just need to go relax after my difficult time at Gio's where no one would do what I told them!"
What?! I said. You mean to say your friends wouldn't "work" like you wanted them to?
No! He said, disbelieving and irritated. They just wanted to play and goof off. They were NOT taking it seriously at all!

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