Friday, November 13, 2015

Lunch Poem #2, The Pond

There is a pond
Not Walden
It sits between
Sub-city office buildings.

Divined and odd-shaped
It is not quite round with
A strangely grand, architect-ed bridge
Spanning to connect
Organic to Corporate
Entrepreneur to Inspiration
A planned Frank Lloyd Wright sanctuary
Framed by glass, grass, still water
And white brilliant concrete.

I wonder at the frailness
The transcience of still water.

The Swan is the queen
She has no mate.

I wonder
Does she know
She is alone.

The ducks don't know they are all different
I don't know
How long the Swan can stay under water
Looking at the grass and meandering fishes

Is she meant to be
A water-ostrich for an eternity

She is amazing.

With the koi,
Everybody knows
They have done well in the pond.

I wonder
Why the winged birds stay.

The Swan today
On the other bank
Not preening
Was basking in the sun.

I wonder
Did she see
When the snake shed his skin
And moved on.

The snake.

I wonder why
Does everyone thinks it is evil
When things eat their tail.

It is just a word
Once meant to be.

And I wonder
Why it still isn't okay
To be.

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