Sunday, February 19, 2006

My Mistake

5 is the new 15.

A few posts back I worried that 5 would be the new 2. How silly of me. Carmella has only been five a week and already I have heard/seen:

"Whatever" accompanied by crossed arms and an eyeroll.

"I HATE______!" and tosses hair. Followed by HUGE sigh.

And the best by far-- stomping up the stairs and slamming her bedroom door. I giggle and go check on her and sure enough she is tossed face down across her bed, head buried in the pillows. "What's wrong?" I ask. A muffled "Nothing!" is my response.

I thought I'd post some past birthday pictures. I couldn't find one from her 4th birthday party--I think my digital was broken.

Her first birthday. She cried when she got cake on her hand. I was so hoping for a true cake fest but she just got mad about being dirty.

Her 2nd. Clifford came and she was terrified. I think the day after her birthday Clifford was out and Cinderella and Barbie in.

Carmella and her friend Max licked all the icing off this cake and then everyone at the party came down with a stomach bug. Word to the wise: Don't eat the cake at kid birthday parties.

Her 3rd. It was a princess tea party. She was so excited about that cake.

Her 4th birthday cake was the same but pink with Barbie. At least the party wasn't a princess party that year. She had a pottery painting party and wore a birthday visor and sunglasses all day. I wish I had a picture because she was hilarious looking.

This year a gymnastics party with a castle cake. She had another cake too with mermaids on it. It was pretty scary looking but she loved it.

I think we are starting to get away from all things princess. I think it is just some things princess now.

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