Sunday, February 19, 2006

We have a new addition to our family

Introducing. . . .
Na na na na na na. . .. Batman!
Beau has officially moved into his big boy room. I thought he would be thrilled, as he has been climbing in and out of his crib since he was 15 months old. So we finally got it together and set his room up. After 2 rough nights with us fighting Beau to sleep in his bed Ryan decided he was probably scared and I should get him a night-light. Beau thought this was a great idea. "Me, ight. Me hared. Ight. Mommy, me want ight!" Okay, I get it. You want a light.

For the record, I didn't believe the light or being scared was the issue but rather the 2 year old testing his boundaries but permission to shop is permission to shop.

So off to Target we go. While I am perusing the very limited night-light selection Beau finds our friend Batman. I tell him no but he persists.I give him a choice: Batman or this really cool alligator night-light.
"Na na na na, " he insists.
"Are you sure?" I ask.
"Yes, Na na na na. Mine." he responds firmly.
"You promise you will sleep in your big boy bed with Batman and not cry and not get out?" I ask doubtfully.
"Yes. Me! My oom, eep. Na na na na." He tells me impatiently.
"Okay." and I put the light back.

And Beau has been good to his word:

Even Carmella has a crush:

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