Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rules for the Circus:

Rule number 1: Take Marta

Okay, so I knew we were going to the circus but I didn't know it was going to be a FREAKIN' CIRCUS NIGHTMARE.

I know Atlanta wants to draw people into its city but is it really necessary to have the Aquarium, a hair show, a car convention, a cheerleading convention and the circus going on all at the same time in the same 1 mile square radius? This is one case where Marta might have proved smarta. Yet, this time we chose to drive and be in parking hell. That was fun. And we STILL had to walk a mile-- with children on our shoulders I might add. A mile isn't a big deal for me at all. Walking a mile in platform mary-janes with a 38lb 5 year old on my shoulders is. (Maybe rule number one should be choose your shoes carefully.)

Rule number 2: Plan ahead

Next up tickets. Our seats sucked. I couldn't buy them before we went because they closed ticket sales for Saturday online and over the phone on Friday. The lady at the box office assured me there were plenty of seats when I called Saturday morning. We got there an hour+ before the show and the only seats were nose bleeds. But I am suspicious because from my perch I could see plenty of empty seats in the section I wanted to be in. In retrospect, I am thankful we only paid $14 for the seats rather than $32. Small favors.

Rule number 3: Leave 2 year old at home

I am seriously beginning to wonder if I will EVER be able to take Beau anywhere. I could take Carmella to plays, puppet shows, movies, the ballet, the circus etc well before she was two and she would sit in her seat and not act like a animal. Looking back, I think Beau must have misunderstood and I thought I said "try-out for the circus" not "do you want to go to the circus?" I know Beau had fun but I don't know that it had much to do with "The Greatest Show On Earth."

I do think Carmella was the only one who enjoyed and actually watched the circus. I know Ryan did not have fun and nor did the other people around us that Beau kept whacking with his sword.

Which brings me to Rule number 4: Do not buy your 2 year old a sword: (no matter how cute he is when he asks.)

Damn the circus for selling swords.
Damn us for being weak and buying him one.
Yeah, I know, we are fucking idiots.

Rule number 5: Don't eat the popcorn off the floor.

Or you will get sick. Yes, yet another fun topper to our circus adventure. My brilliant child, Beau, ate popcorn off the floor at Phillips rather than the fresh stuff I bought for him in the bucket. Now he has the upsies and the downsies. Not that this seems to bother him in the least. Little vomiting and diarrhea isn't going to slow my maniac down. It was weird though that when I heard him heave I pushed him off the bed and said "bathroom!" he knew exactly what to do. He ran in there, lifted the lid and leaned over the toilet like an old pro. Funny thing is that this is his very first stomach bug.

Ah, milestones.


  1. Ah, let that be the beginning of a very professional barfing career . . . Seriously, Doug can barf and it's no big deal - and he feels better afterwards. Me, not so much.

    Sorry about the walking.

  2. Totally doesn't even faze Beau. He just keeps eating and throwing up and eating and throwing up. Funny to watch but not fun to clean up.