Saturday, March 25, 2006

Friday's Diet

On Friday's we often have a close group of friends over. We use to call ourselves the 6 pack but we have expanded, so if you include the kids and other couples that sometimes join the soiree we are a pony keg at the least--or is that what we consume? I'm getting confused again.

Anyway this is always a real low key get-together. It is mostly so we can catch up and the kids can play. The party can get started as early as 3pm and goes on till one of the kids, or spouses, has a melt down. We have a bon fire. We dance, okay I dance-- sometimes the kids join in. We eat crackers and nuts and chips and dip, and drink beer and make smores. Usually we order pizza or grill burgers; in the summer maybe have a boil. Nothing healthy. Everything gluttonous. It is fabulous. I consume more calories on Friday than I do all the other days of the week combined.

Last night was different though. Everyone, well at least half of the pony keg, is on a diet. So the fare was a bit different. One couple brought salmon for themselves and I made grilled chicken, with salad and roasted potatoes. We had shrimp cocktail and hummus and veggies for appetizers. All said pretty healthy, diet-conscious, adult food.

However, I noticed that MANY marshmallows were consumed. As were 3 bottles of wine and at least a 12 pack of beer.

Who are we kidding: "Diet."

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