Sunday, March 26, 2006

Stars, Sharks and Jellies, Oh my!

We went to the Georgia Aquarium today. We saw some cool fish and, most unusual, we ALL had fun. Generally when I take the kids to the aquarium they have fun and I do not. Today was a good time. If you haven't been you should go. Be warned though: there is NEVER an uncrowded day.
One of two whale sharks in the Ocean Voyager exhibit. This particular exhibit has a moving sidewalk. That always proves to be a fun experiment in physics with a 2 yr old in tow. Today in the Ocean Voyager we saw the rare and mythological scuba diver. The kids found the scuba men way more fascinating than the giant fish and millions of gallons of water that domed over our heads.
Honestly, we were so astounded by them that we failed to take pictures so we would have proof that they really do exist. Sorry. Maybe, if you are lucky, when you go they'll be out cleaning the tank too.Big ugly fish. Grouper, I think. On a side note: Damn! Someone needs to cut that child's hair. Enough with the Rapunzel.
I see it! I see it!
Somebody say "Beluga!"
The Belugas are in the cold water exhibit. It is my favorite and therefore I did not take many pictures. In addition to the Belugas there is also the sea lions, penguins, sea otters, an octopus and . . .
To the left and up is one of the giant crabs in the cold water exhibit. They are the freakiest things I have ever seen. Like giant spiders: very E.T. looking.
Some people, like Carmella, think starfish are a little bit creepy.

The Tropical Reef Exhibit. We had fun in here:

Don da. Don da. donda, dondadonda (---you should be hearing the music from Jaws in your head. I'm a little tone deaf even when just writing it out.)


Beau is pointing to the above shark. Next to scuba divers sharks are his favorite. "I lub harks!"


Carmella swims with the fish.

It never fails and today was no different. At the reef exhibit you will hear:"Mommy,look! It's Dorie!" More silliness:

Hey Beau! Do your best James Dean.

Like I said, it was a fun day. There is also a Georgia Explorer exhibit and a river exhibit. I am less impressed with those and the Georgia one has a kid's playground of sorts so I try to avoid that one--germies and all, you know.

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