Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This post is dedicated to "Steph"

And the Blogger for Best Commentor/Blog Reader of the year goes to . . . "Steph".

Applause! Applause!

Speech! Speech!

Seriously, today I ran for the first time in FOREVER with Beau in the baby jogger. And damn did that ever suck. I forgot how heavy 2 year olds are to push and how much your stride gets thrown off and how much they complain. It was freakin' hard as shit. I swear to God 5 baby jogger miles is like 15 solo miles.

Steph, you are SO much tougher than me and I am so spoiled.


  1. Jogging with a baby jogger is still much better than not jogging at all. : ) It's much easier with the infant, though.

    Don't think I'm not always on the lookout for opportunities to run solo!

  2. Agreed. I could have gone to the gym but with the nice weather it seemed selfish and crime to make the kids go to the nursery.

    I'm just out of jogger shape.