Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Whacky Wednesday

Today was Whacky Wednesday at Carmella's school. Whacky Wednesday has been on our calendar and I have been preparing Carmella for it all month. When I first told her about it she completely refused to participate but as the month progressed and they discussed it some in class she softened. Yesterday afternoon we spent sometime arranging an outfit for Whacky Wednesday. It is times like this that I realize just how different Carmella is from me.
Had it been me at the age of 5 getting dressed for Whacky Wednesday I would have put underwear on my head, done my hair all crazy, and worn some loud mismatched clothes and just about anything off the wall I could get my hands on. Mom and I would have had a fight about me toning in down. Whacky Wednesday would have been one of the few days where I knew I would excel and I was excited to help Carmella do it up. Carmella, though, before I even started putting outfits together, warned me that she only wanted to be "just a little bit whacky." Sigh, no fun.

One outfit I put together involved three fluffy skirts, a ruffled shirt and a mismatched other shirt, her flowered rainboots, a tiara and butterfly wings. Carmella deemed it too whacky. She said she didn't want people to laugh at her and the girls would think she was weird and wouldn't play with her. Again, she emphasized the wanting to be "just a little bit whacky."

In the end she put the outfit together: a pale pink pleated skirt over light blue denim capris with pink and white appliques, and a white shirt with pink, purple, and blue polka dots. She consented to mismatched hair bows: one pink and one white and multiple braids in her pigtails but they had to be even--- no asymmetrical tails for her. Her shoes were light pink and her socks white with light blue writing that said "Wednesday."

It looks very much like an outfit I might see my sister Pookie in on any given day--hair bows aside but the skirt over the pants look, definitely. It was perfectly color-coordinated pink, white and light blue and overall the outfit looked very well put together. Not very whacky but very cute nonetheless.

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  1. Carmella is so cute, even if she isn't whacky. : )