Sunday, April 16, 2006

Fishstick's Wedding

I'm MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is what she cheered as they ran down the aisle husband and wife. In the above picture that is the bride, Fishstick, her brother Peter to the left and Jason, the groom, to the right.

Later, my sister and I reenact the ceremony.

The wedding was Saturday, at the Park Tavern in Midtown Atlanta.
The setting, the ceremony and the bride were all beyond beautiful.
The reception was a blast but keep in mind that when I have an evening without my kids I make it my main objective to have a great time.
This is my mom and Rae, Fishstick's mom. They are old pals.
They use to drink margaritas while my sister and Fishstick colored on Allie, Fishstick's little sister, with magic-marker and gave her fancy haircuts.

Ryan and I rode to the wedding with my parents.

My Dad played designated driver. This allowed for Mom, Ryan and I to get quite toasty. Admittedly it doesn't take much.

Unsurprisingly, I think my sister's boyfriend Wes was a bit mortified by our behavior, probably mostly mine. (see further down pictures)
Everyone else is use to me. But before you feel sorry for Wes know that he has known me for years and has dated my sister for even more years so by this point he has to know what he is in for when he goes out with all of us. I keep thinking that he is going to come out of his shell eventually and break lose. He and Ryan try to huddle close but their shyness is no match for my obnoxiousness and my sister's silliness.

The way I see it, someone has to be that person-- you know the "life of the party," the lampshade on their head person, the fool, etc. About half the time I figure I should be that person.
In this picture I have stolen Wes's tie. I am trying to lure him out onto the dance floor to dance with me. My sister said he doesn't dance but to prove her wrong I sported this look and put on those moves and I thought for sure I would change his mind.

We also had fun with our table napkins. This is a longtime family tradition. My Dad and Ryan don't participate but they also no longer try to put a stop to it.

Cake cutting time!
Yum, at least I think it was yum-- though maybe I didn't actually eat any. There was also a blue Braves helmet cake but I definitely didn't eat that one. I know that for sure because I took my dress to the cleaners and it didn't have blue icing on it.

Congratulations and happiness in your new life together.

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  1. Fishstick looks a lot like Jessica Simpson. Very beautiful - friends, family, wedding, Natalie, all of it.