Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Tale of Carmella Cottontail and Beau Rabbit

Once upon a time there was a sweet little bunny named Carmella Cottontail. She had the cutest white tail, fluffiest green ears and was a very obedient bunny. She was a good bunny. A kind bunny.
Then one afternoon she met the wild Beau Rabbit. He was a cute curly haired bunny; a silly bunny: a naughty bunny. Together they played trickery in the parent's garden; hopping here and there and everywhere. Never listening; always up to their rascally rabbit ways.
Silly bunnies.

Today we celebrated Easter. It was also Baby Pat's Baptism.
So now, unlike my kids, he is assured entrance into heaven.

He'll probably hold it over their heads forever: "I get to go first because, you know Jesus loves me more than you."

This year we did the Church parade at the Methodist Church instead of the Baptist church. The baptism was during the contemporary service and had it not been a congregation of stodgy middle-class white people I definitely would have been dancing in the aisle. It was a refreshing change from the sales pitch we recieve over at the Baptist church. Even my Catholic friends enjoyed it, commenting that they felt less down trodden than usual after the service.

We all headed over to Meme's and Pat's for Easter brunch and festive egg hunt. And as always, we drank lots and lots of champagne.

The kids had a blast and the adults had a blast. Here are some more pictures of our fun, religiously observed day.

The kids after church on the steps.

The six-pack all dressed up.

Me, Ryan and our bunnies.

The Hunt:

Checking out the loot.

Happy Easter!

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