Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm a leaving . . .

on a jet plane. . .

We are going to San Francisco and Napa for a week.

Just me and Ryan.

Well, just me and Ryan and Meme and Pat and Baby Pat and Bubbles and Poppy.

Carmella and Beau are staying at Lala's and Pop's-- as Ryan deemed a wedding and the wine country inappropriate places for our children. I see his point but I still hate leaving them. Though I will say that he has made it easier on me by working really late and leaving me to care for them 24/7 for the past 3 weeks. I need a break. They need a break.


I am worried that my plane is going to crash (I HATE flying),-- or there will be an earthquake-- and my kids will be orphaned. I know that I will miss them way more than they miss me. Their being sad/missing me really isn't a concern of mine:
"Hip hip hooray! 7 days at Lala's!" cheered Carmella today.
"Lala's house. Woo Hoo!" Beau chimed in.
They are both so excited to go to Lala's. I only told them about the trip this past weekend so I'd only have a week of Beau every morning asking, "Lala's house? Me?"

No, not today buddy, I have to tell him.

I was packing their clothes this afternoon and he kept bringing me things he wants to wear at Lala's. He, apparently, has big plans. You'd think he was going somewhere he has never been. Carmella consoles me and says "Don't worry, we will miss you a little bit but we are going to have so much fun at Lala's." She tells me this as she stuffs every pair of shoes she has into her suitcase.

I don't begrudge them their excitement but I also don't get it. I mean, Igrew up at Lala's house. I know for a fact it ain't all that fun. I guess I could get my feelings hurt that they actually think Lala's house is more fun than my house but I know it is because no is a word rarely spoken over there these days. Also, Lala believes Coke Cola, cookies and cake form the base of the food pyramid.

When I think about it, me going to the wine country is like the equivalent of Lala's house for my kids. I'll get my "candy and cake" fill and they'll get theirs. Sounds fair enough.

So I wish them a fun and gluttonous week at Lala's and I pray Delta brings us back home safely to them. I think their future teeth depend on it.

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  1. Lala's house! Woo hoo! Hope you guys have a great time.