Saturday, May 27, 2006

Acclimating Para Deux

Bubbles and Poppy took the kids for a sleepover yesterday. I dropped them off a little bit before 5 pm and went home excited that I had yet another opportunity this week to run. It was still 90 degrees at 5 pm yesterday so I waited to see if the temps would go down while drinking copious amounts of water in hopes to be properly hydrated for my run. At 5:45 it was 88 degrees and the realtime Doppler radar on the telly was showing encroaching thunderstorms. I'll happily run in the rain in the summer months but a summer thunderstorm is a little different-- lightening scares the bejesus out of me. So despite the high temp--I consider 85 degrees my threshold--I headed out in hopes of beating the storms.

Either I have acclimated or the temp was off or more likely the cloud cover made it more bearable. My legs were tired and felt a bit heavy but other than that my run was rather enjoyable, much better than Wednesday's. Again, I didn't push the speed but was able to pick the pace halfway through and I'd say I finished it out at a sub 8 minute pace. I can't say for sure since I don't have a watch but I am pretty good at gauging what a 7:30 pace feels like vs an 8:30 pace.

After my run Ryan and I got dressed to go out for an adult evening. We dined at our favorite childless haunt and today I enjoyed a leisurely, quiet morning. So I have to admit that so far summer is actually shaping up quite nicely. I am heading out in a bit for yet another run and then going to get the kids and take them to a birthday party and then to the pool later.

Not a bad week at all:
Weekly mileage: 36 miles
Items found: 1 Trivial Pursuit game card that I did not know any of the answers to.

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