Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Ready or not it is officially summer. It is hot and the kids are out of school. We even went to the pool today. I had to put on my bathing suit.

Summer is not shaping up to be the brouhaha it was when I was a kid.

Just last week it was spring; the temps were cool and the kids were still in school. And I hadn't even wrapped my mind around the idea of me donning a bathing suit.

Talk about your wake up calls.

Sadly though the kids' last day of school was Thursday last week and thus ended my Tuesdays and Thursdays long runs. Now I am at the mercy of family to watch my kids so I can get a run in. This means that I have to be flexible about when I run and how often and for that matter how far.

Really, it has been okay this week. It is Wednesday and I am at 20 miles for the week--which is usually where I am mid-week anyway. Sunday morning I got to run and then Monday Ryan came home early from work and I got to run then too--I never get to run on Mondays so this was a nice treat. Tuesday, no dice for me: Lala has been picked up by a new gallery and is desperately trying to get enough pieces together for a show at the beginning of June. She isn't even taking my calls. Bubbles worked yesterday and was unavailable. Ryan didn't get home til after 8 pm. Luckily I had gone to the gym in the morning so I had at least got a workout in even if it wasn't running. Today I promised to take the kids to Tara's pool for a playdate with Chase. I was worried that I wouldn't get a chance to run yet again and I thought I might even be too worn out after an afternoon with the kids at the pool to even go to the gym. So I made sure to go to the gym this morning. Even still, I was hoping Bubbles would come through for me and watch the kids this afternoon so I could run.

My prayers were answered. Bubbles showed up at 5 pm and I, happily, went out for my run.

But holy mother of God was it hot as hell. After the first mile my head was swimming. I purposely took a slow pace and did manage to run the whole 6 1/2 miles but by the 5th mile I was starting to get chills and as I rounded the corner into my neighborhood I was brushing salt off my forehead. I checked the temp when I got in and it was 85 degrees. I am guessing in the sun it was hotter than that. I am just not ready for that kind of heat yet. I mean how am I suppose to go from 60 to 85 degrees in less than a week? Shouldn't I have had a warning week in the 70's?

So I have gone in less than a week from running in 60 degree weather in the morning, whenever I wanted to run to running at odd times of the day in 85+ degree weather.

Sheesh, didn't mother nature ever hear about acclimating? Didn't the school system?


  1. Afternoon running in the summer is very very hard. Good luck to you. If you don't keel over with heatstroke, you'll be a stronger woman for it.

    Doug and I are running Tues/Thurs mornings - he runs, then I run while he showers. It's not optimal because I have to get back in 30 minutes or ELSE, but better than nothing. No dice today, though, because I have a big sinus issue so it hurts to move my head.

  2. Ryan leaves before 6:30 in the morning so am runs just aren't an option.

    Let me know if you ever want to do a running playdate where we swap off watching the kids and take turns going for a run this summer.