Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Day at the Lake

Saturday was our first day at the lake this summer.
Carmella loves the boat:Beau loves the idea of the boat.Both kids do love swimming in the lake. Little fishes.
They also love jumping off the boat and climbing back in and doing it all over again, and again. Carmella likes to go fast; Beau, surprisingly, does not. Except when he is driving.
Carmella can almost do a flip off the boat. Okay, so she pretty much does a somersault but she does rotate in the air and land on her butt.I tried to get a picture of both of them jumping off the boat together. But Beau was too fast. He did find something even more fun to do than jump off the boat. . .
Climbing down the anchor's rope!
It was a really nice day.
Saturday was also Meme's birthday. Happy birthday Meme!
After the lake we all trekked over to Bubbles and Poppy's house for a yummy dinner of steak, shrimp, grilled veggies and keylime pie. We sang happy birthday to Meme and Poppy. And celebrated an early Father's day. We would have also celebrated Lala's birthday but unfortunately Pop is in the hospital with blood clots in his lungs. So they couldn't come. Damn blood clots messing up a good time. Pop is going to be fine. He gets to go home Monday. Stay on your Cumadin Pop so you won't miss anymore parties at Bubbles's house.
Here are some pictures of the kids.
Carmella and Beau adore their cousin baby Pat. Especially Carmella.Beau does get his nose a little out of joint because Carmella lavishes her attention on baby Pat instead of him.He gets over his pouting and they all play nice together-- that is when Carmella will let him play.
One more superfluous picture.
Today after my run I came home to find the kids playing dress up. For Carmella this means putting on all her princess attire. For Beau this just means taking off his clothes and brandishing his blue sword.
In other news, today Beau swam without his "super pack" (adjustable back flotation device). I didn't get a picture of it as I was the one "teaching" him to swim. And by teaching I mean coaxing him off the steps to swim to my lovingly outstretched arms while I evilly backed up; just staying ever so slightly out of his reach. Unlike Carmella did when I "taught" her to swim, Beau didn't get mad. A little panicked, yes, but not mad. He did really great. All and all he only swam about 6 feet at a time but I feel confident by summer's end he will be quite the proficient doggy paddler.


  1. Howdy! What cute and adorable looking children!! Makes me miss my grandchildren...I'm going to phone them NOW!!
    Happy trails, Bruce

  2. Good swimming Beau and Carmella! Hope Poppy is feeling better today.