Saturday, June 10, 2006

Weekly Log

Better week.

I had 4 days to run outside and did a 5K sprint (sprint for me) on the treadmill in 22 minutes 7 seconds. I also did 10 miles on Sunday and 10 again on Wednesday because the temperature was a cool and breezy 80 degrees on those days. Still pretty damn hot in the sun and that made the last few miles a bit tortuous-- but better than the 90 degrees of the previous week. Bringing water along is a must. I need to get one of those waist holsters to carry my water because my arm gets tired. Thursday and Saturday were 6.5 miles runs each.

I feel like a bit of my fire has gone out not getting into New York. Even though it wasn't a sure thing it was motivating me. I really need to nail down a marathon.

Weekly Mileage: 36 miles (38 if I include the 2 one mile sprints I did M/Tu)
Items found: zero

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