Thursday, June 08, 2006

Not in with Lance

I didn't get into the New York marathon.

I was just informed via email that my number was not drawn in the lottery. Oh well, maybe next year or the next-- if not, then definitely in 2009. Apparently if you get rejected 3 times you are guaranteed entry for the 4th year. Small consolation when I want to run it THIS year.

Guess I better start shopping for another marathon this fall.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get in.

    The Rock-N-Roll Marathon in San Diego looks fun as does the one at Disney. You could convince me to train for the 1/2 at Disney next year . . . it is in January (the 9th, to be exact, not that I've been checking).

  2. San Diego is too far but maybe Disney--it is on my list. I think it is also hard to get in.
    I am also thinking of New Orleans, Philly, Kiwiah, St Jude's in Tn and possibly Vegas. Or, I may just try to find a small one close to home. Got to see where Ryan is willing to travel to. He was very hip on NY so I'm bummed.

  3. Damn!!! I was looking forward to it for you! Definitely go pick another, though.