Sunday, June 25, 2006


Very crappy week.

Weekly mileage: 19 miles. Ugh.
No items found-- I did spy a blue golf ball at the beginning of my Sat run but forgot to pick it up on the way back in.

Off to a better start this week and working on getting back on track. I've got 11 miles to make up for last week. I doubt I'll get them in but I'll be happy if I just get closer to my 40 mile goal rather than 30 mile acceptable goal this week.

I had dinner with friends last night and I drank way, way too much wine and stayed up much, much too late. Fun fun fun but I certainly paid for that fun this morning. I just felt absolutely wretched. Despite the raging headache and hangover lethargy I rallied and ran a decent 6 miles-- in the pouring rain.

I actually enjoyed the rain since it kept it cool and it was kind of quiet and pretty. I did not, however, enjoy my rain soaked shoes that by the end of the run felt like lead weights some cruel person tethered to my feet. I kept leaping over puddles and by the end I was like really, what is the point? So I splashed through every one I came across. Silly and childish, I know, but fun.

At any rate this was the first run I've done in month when the temp was below 80 degrees. Even with the handicap of my hangover I felt eight thousand times better than I did on Friday's run when I ran and it was 98 degrees. I imagine that was a little like what the early moments of dying must feel like.

I am hoping with this rain it will keep the temps down a bit and I am praying that my shoes will dry out enough so I can run or at least go to the gym tomorrow. I really love my Brooks and hope I haven't destroyed them.


  1. Howdy! Yup, water is like Kryptonite to running shoes, best to stuff them with old newspapers after your wet runs as to dry them out faster. Happy trails, Bruce

  2. I don't think you should worry about making up your mileage from last week. You were pretty darn busy last week, and 19 miles is nothing to sneeze at!

  3. So I was looking at the Disney Marathon and I think we should do it next year (Jan, 2008). It looks like more fun than the half and my friend Joe said that the course was flat and the weather was decent there. What do you say?

  4. I could be up for 2008 but the 6 am start has me a bit weary.

    What do you think about going for the Goofy?

  5. It is all filled for the 2007 race but I might could do it by 2008. If I can manage a full before then, I mean.

  6. 2008 the Goofy it is then.

    Serisouly, you should set your sites on the GA marathon this March. You have 7 months training time and are at a decent starting point with your mileage. I trained for Atlanta last year in 2 months so I absolutely think it is doable for you.