Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Weekend at the Beach

We have devised a new and wonderful tradition. It is called Father's Day weekend at the beach. Specifically, Father's Day Weekend with a few friends at Hilton Head Island.
Ryan and I and our kiddos and Tara and Dusty and their Chase had the most fun weekend I think two couples (1/4 who was preggers--not me) and three kids could possibly have.
Sure, there were the usual vacay sanfu's that one deals with when they travel with small children and me-- but those pale in comparison to the fun that was had.
And hey, check out Tara--six months pregnant and still as cute as ever. You too Dusty.

Later, Beau and Chase took a 2 hour nap on the beach chairs. So awesome!
Tara and I read our magazines and tried to think up names for baby girl. I practiced yelling the names out just to see how it would sound when baby girl needed to disciplined.
The guys fished and caught a bunch of tiny sharks. None bigger than a foot but they did catch a lot. All were released so that they can grow up to be big sharks.
Ryan and Carmella danced in the ocean. Carmella is a true beach lover. She loves to be dirty and coated with sand. She loves to make sand castles and play in the ocean. She never complains and will spend all day on the beach.

After the beach we went to dinner at the Salty Dog.
Chase and Carmella shagged to Brown-eyed Girl on the deck at the Salty Dog. Beau harassed Cappy the Clown.

After dancing they enjoyed some ice cream cones. This year I insisted Ryan buy them vanilla so we would not have to deal with the toxic aftermath from cosmic flavored ice cream--like we did last year. For the record: Blue poop is scary.
Sunday was more of the same: beach, playing, swimming, the occasional meltdown, more fishing, sleeping, more beer--all good stuff, really.

The kids dug up a family of very tiny crabs they found on the beach. Carmella made sure the boys didn't kill the family.

Sunday we dined at a restaurant that over looked South Beach Marina.Yummy drinks and food.
There was an amazing view and the kids loved looking at the boats.
Dinner was going great-- a rarity when dining out with kids.
Well, it was going great until Beau tossed Chase's truck over the railing.
Dinner pretty much ended shortly after that.

On Monday we played on the beach again. Tara and Dusty and Chase left late afternoon.

Ryan and I decided to stay an extra day.
That night we had pizza and waited forever while the kids waited to have their faces painted. Beau proved, as usual, to be the entertainment for everyone waiting by being clownier than the clown. I was, as usual, a bit embarrassed but Cappy the clown seemed not to mind. She painted a shark on one of his arms and alligator on his leg and lobster on his other arm. He was more than thrilled.

Carmella got a princess ballerina and a heart. I could tell she was nervous Cappy was going to paint her whole face but seemed happy with the results.

On Tuesday, our time on the beach was short. Carmella and I built a fantastic sandcastle for her mermaid.

We tried to enlist Beau's help but he wanted to do more demolishing than building so we wouldn't let him help.

So he had a meltdown--or as Carmella put it "freaked out like ice" and then had a nap on the beach again.

We were all sad to go. . .

On the running front, since I was out of town, I didn't get to update my weekly mileage. So. . . 33 miles last week. No items found.

This week I am not even going to get close to meeting my weekly goal. I ran 6 1/2 miles on Sunday in Sea Pines but then later that day I stepped on a bee and it stung me. My foot was swollen and sore Monday and Tuesday. No one wanted to help me out with watching the kids Wednesday or Thursday not to mention it has been 100 degrees. So I've been hitting the gym. Oh well. I probably needed a break. I say this but I am really bummed about not running this week. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe Saturday. Still though, had a great time at the beach!

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  1. Yea! Sounds like a great trip. : ) Super photos - you are so good at capturing a feeling.