Friday, June 02, 2006

Sign maybe we drink too much

Today, after Beau's speech therapy his therapist was giving me the run down of the session. We discussed how he was starting to get the s sound at the beginning of words and how he had improved and was now having at least a sound at the beginning of words--maybe not the right consonant sound, but a consonant nonetheless-- and was getting all the syllables and intonation in there too. Basically, good news that he is continuing to make progress. Whew.

Then she showed me a book with pictures in it that she has begun using with him. She'll point to a picture and then get him to tell her what it is and they will work on the word from there and perfecting the specific sounds in the word.

She pointed out to me a bottle of coke--actually it was a generic bottle of soda but I'm a Georgia girl, so all soda is coke. I was thinking she was going to tell me he said "Lala's house," thus ratting out my mom for giving him coke because the only place he would see coke, er, soda would be at her house.

But no, when asked what the picture was Beau said, "Ugh, beer?"

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  1. HA! My sister, Emily, used to call anything in a can beer. : )