Monday, August 21, 2006

35 Weeks and counting down. . .

5 weeks (or hopefully sooner) until Tara's baby girl gets here and I get to found out if she is an Ellie or an Ava or another name I don't yet know about since she won't make up her mind or tell me. How am I to get cute things monogrammed for her if I don't know the name?

On Saturday her sisters and I threw her a shower. Really I just provided the house and some china and some wine-- they did everything else. Her youngest sister, Melissa, made almost all of the food. It was freaking amazing. Check out the cake, the confection de resistance: a lemon poppyseed pound cake with white chocolate and cream cheese icing. I am sure I got it wrong but that is what I think it is, I mean was. She made it from scratch. It looked good and tasted like heaven. I never eat cake but I have had a piece everyday since Saturday.

Here is me and Tara's sister Melissa in front of the spread. I came downstairs after getting dressed and she had taken over. She had on that adorable apron and I, of course, asked if she brought one for me. I was joking,but still hopeful. And she did! I was so damn excited. She is 20 years old and is cross between Marilyn Monroe and Julia Child.

Here is the full spread. I don't think you can see it all but there is champagne cocktails, wine, chocolate covered strawberries, yummy tea sandwiches, Brie, deviled eggs and a bunch of other yummy nibbles.
Some of the guests:(left to right) Meme, Anne, Tara, Kim and Dee Dee
Tara and our friend Melissa who just moved back!
Tara and her sisters Katherine and Liz
Some of the loot
Okay Tara, you are all set! Hurry up and finish baking that baby so we can finally meet her!

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