Saturday, September 16, 2006

End Training week 9

If you've been keeping up with my recent posts you know this week has been a little tough on me. If not here is the breakdown:
Sunday: sick
Monday: still sick
Tuesday: 10 miles
Wednesday: 6 miles
Thursday: 14 miles, very slow: 10 minute pace.
Friday: 6 miles; this was a good run: 7:55 pace. My first run in what felt like fall weather. Loved it.
Saturday: Long run. Oh my God it was so tough but I think I did pretty good considering I still have a cold and really had to pile on the miles at the end of the week.
My plan was a 21 mile route. I figured it was a little over 21 but like maybe a 1/4 of a mile over. I clocked it in the car Wednesday morning and maybe I forgot the route because it ended up being much longer. I really felt pretty good until the end and then was just tired and hot. My hips and back started to hurt too.

I did 20 miles in 3 hours, I think Garmin said a 9:05 pace. I was pretty happy with that. It was around this point that I realized that the run was going to be longer than 21 miles so at 20 and a half miles I reset Garmin and walked home. I'd be lying if I said I felt great at that point but I made it. Had I ran the entire course it would have been 23 miles. Considering my longest run prior was 16 miles I think that definitely was too far for me at this point. It is a nice and challenging course--a lot of hills but in this area I can't avoid that. I'll do the whole thing in a few weeks. At any rate I am only going to count the miles I actually ran, so . . .
Total Weekly Mileage: 56 miles!!!! Not too bad for only 5 days of running.
Items found: Road kill, lots of it. Apparently in the Atlanta burbs last night there was raccoon massacre. I must have passed at least 10 dead ones on the side of the road today on my run. And you know, I was actually a little thankful that I have a cold since I can't smell very well and road kill is not the most pleasant thing to smell when on a long run.

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