Friday, September 29, 2006


You'd think as the parent-- the Mom-- I would totally be in the loop to my kid's lives, their dailies. But apparently, no; not so much.

At least not when it comes to what really goes on in preschool, kindergarten. That world is pretty much unknown to me. Truly unknown, not just forgotten. I didn't really go to preschool and I pretty much got kicked out of my Montessori kindergarten. For those of you who might have a kid like I was-- try not to worry so much. They will be okay. Eventually. . .

Yesterday, after school, Beau was showing Carmella the pictures from his adventures with Share Bear. For some reason it clicked with her then who Share Bear was and what it meant to have Share Bear. I guess on Wednesday she was so wrapped up in her own kindergarten dramas to notice why Beau was carrying around Share Bear.

She looks at the pictures and hands them back and says to him,"So you were line-leader today?"
Beau: "Yeah."
Carmella: "Were you door holder too?"
Beau: "Yes!"
Carmella: "Cool. What was your share item?"
Beau: "Drum." pronounced urum and does drumming motion for clarity
Carmella: "So the letter of the week is the letter D? You know Daddy and doll start with the letter D."
Beau: " Yes. And Dog." pronounced Og

Carmella totally knew what happened and all the right things to ask Beau about his day. She is such the better Mommy.

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