Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ugh, homework. Again!

So this morning I ran 18 miles.
That was the plan for today.
On Monday and Tuesday I cleaned my house, got on top of the laundry, did my errands so that all I had to do today after I picked the kids up from school was take Carmella to dance. Then after dance I would get to chill while the kids played outside until it was time to make dinner.
That was my plan.

But when I picked Beau up from school he had homework in his school bag.
He had Share Bear.
Does this madness never end?
Two weeks ago we had Busy Bee and now I've got Share Bear to entertain. I hate it when company drops in uninvited.
So rude.
Exactly what sort of manners is this preschool teaching anyway?

Thankfully, we only have to have Share Bear as our guest for one evening. We, meaning me, are suppose to record all that Beau and Share Bear does. So I don't think my planned afternoon of nothing would be so great for show and tell tommorrow.

I should mention that I think Beau's teachers think I am a slack Mom who lets her kids run wild. I think this because nearly everyday I get a "talk" about Beau not sitting still during story time or circle time or his shoes came off too much--could I put others on him, or it is problem that I sent him to school with a belt on-- could I not do that again-- or he had a fit because he doesn't want to do whatever it is next in their hyper-every-20-minutes-we-do-a-different-activity-scheduled school day. You can understand why I am already having anxiety about coat weather.

So you see. I must make a good impression of our time with Share Bear. I can't have Share Bear ratting me out.

James Dickey, I believe it was, once discussed the merits of the lie-- citing it as one of a writer's greatest tools when it comes to fiction. My little camera comes in handy for documenting the creative lie and making fiction nonfiction. This is why I love photography. It tells the truth about something that may or may not be the truth. Doesn't matter because whatever picture, whatever moment you have captured becomes the truth. I love manipulating reality! So cool.
Follow me?
Doesn't matter, because here is our afternoon with Share Bear:
See, Beau loves Share Bear as much as he loves Blue:
We went to visit Lala who totally didn't mind stopping work so that we could take pictures and go visit the goats.
The goats were very interested in Share Bear:
Share Bear helped Beau feed the goats:
Beau and Share Bear had a fabulously fun afternoon:

So what is the truth about Share Bear and Beau?
Well, I'll never tell but consider this: the Bear's name is Share Bear and this is Beau we are talking about.

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  1. I vote for Beau feeding Share Bear to the goats. This homework thing is bogus - in preschool, jeez!