Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Beaufus Vomitus

I feel better Mama!
This is what Beau said as he threw up his breakfast in the toilet this morning. You know, I did think to get a picture of him while he was in the throes of vomiting but then I thought that maybe I would seem less than the sympathetic mother that I am.
Really, I am.
Besides you would have laughed too if your 3 year old vomited and kept vomiting and kept telling you that he felt better as he did it.

See you would have laughed because this time there was nothing for you to clean up. Two weeks ago you were not laughing when he threw up on the couch and on the floor of the only room in the house that has carpet. Carpet that had just been steamed cleaned. See the difference between today and last time? See how this time you were able to rise above the situation and find laughter.

Sigh, so today is Tuesday.
Beau has speech on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Then school.
So he has to eat breakfast as soon as he gets up.

Beau has always been one to eat even if he doesn't feel good or is already full. In fact last year when he had Rotavirus he still wanted to eat dinner. So he would eat and then throw up and eat and then throw up. That was fun and funny. Most people I know do not enjoy vomiting--myself included-- and will do just about anything to avoid it.
Not Beau.
Vomiting is no big deal.
I can already tell he will be the campus legend in college for this ability alone.

Not surprisingly, Beau was quite the spitter upper as an infant. In fact, Beau could have won the triple crown of vomiting, crawling and climbing before the age of one because those were the things that he excelled at and far surpassed his peers in. Just think, if only there had been such competitions with endorsements. I would be a rich woman now.

I, of course, took him to the pediatrician for the spitting up but they assured me that he did not have reflux:
Babies that more than double their birth weight before they are 2 months old do not have reflux, they said.
Then Beau threw up and started laughing.
The doctor shrugged and said, see, some babies just like to throw up.
How fabulous for me!
So no speech or school for Beau and no running for me this morning.
On to laundry duty, ugh.
Oh, and yeah Beau is fine. He is right now, at 9 am in the morning, enjoying a Pbj, a banana and a glass of milk.
One of these days I am going to risk it and just send him on to school.

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  1. Beau - champion vomitor. I like the sound of that. : )