Monday, September 25, 2006

Girl vs. Boys

Here is proof to end the age old debate of who is the superior multi-tasker of the sexes.

That's right baby.
She can bring home the bacon don na na na.
Fry it up in a pan don na na na.
Nurse the baby don na na na
And mow the lawn better than you cha cha cha.

Seriously though, you don't see the boys playing with 2 toys at once. What you see is 2 little boys surrounded by a yard full of toys and yet they both fight over what the other has.
Doesn't matter what it is.
All that matters is that the other has it.
Beau and Chase have been fighting it out to be the Alpha male since they were one and you see there who the Alpha really is.
She is the puppet master and they her little toys.
Kind of makes sense why societies for the past thousand years have sought to be patriarchal based: self preservation.
Carmella took this picture of the boys and me--just another one of her puppets:

At any rate Tara has added one to Team Carmella-- not that Carmella isn't managing perfectly well on her own.

This afternoon the kids and I brought dinner to Tara.

My pot roast was my in to getting to see and to hold baby Ellie and to get a play date with Chase for the kids.
Also to make certain Tara wasn't becoming a shut-in.
From the looks of it she is well on the road to be the superior mother of two multi-tasker extraordinaire. I even caught her holding Ellie and trying to put Chase's shoes on. It brought back memories of nursing Beau while unloading the dishwasher, taking Carmella potty, doing payroll etc, etc. It truly is a phenomenon of nature how when you have only one kid your two hands are barely sufficient for all that you had to do but as soon as you pop that second one out you've suddenly sprouted 6 other arms. Immediately you are able to do stuff with two kids that you could barely manage with just the one. I can't even begin to imagine what happens when you have 3 or more. As I think I have said before-- I will not be finding out.

And today was also the first time we broke out the fall clothes.
You know, Saturday was the first day of fall-- so heat be damned my kids were wearing their cute fall clothes. Luckily the high didn't quite make it to 80.
And for dinner the kids had the Carmella special: turkey burger patty, steamed broccoli and mac-n-cheese. It has been awhile since I've made this but the tried and true favorite proved yet again to make my kids card carrying members of the clean plate club.


  1. Beautiful photo of you and the kids. : ) Way to go Carmella!

    HA! Doesn't everyone nurse and empty the dishwasher at the same time? And if they don't, how does it get done?

  2. Carmella took THAT picture of you and the boys!! She's going to be a professional photographer as well as multi-tasker. Happy trails, Bruce