Thursday, September 21, 2006

Morning People

Beau is not one of them.

Our old routine use to involve me waking them up at 6:30 and letting them lay on the couch and watch cartoons until 7 am. Then I called them to breakfast. All this would have been fine except they were taking forever to eat and then we were having to rush out the door to avoid being late. I don't like panicked mornings.

So now I have breakfast sitting on the table at 6:30 am when they wake up. They have to eat and then get dressed before they can turn the TV on. They still take forever to eat and most days miss out on cartoons, which if I am being honest kind of makes me happy.

Beau however has found a way to make this work for him. He pushes the chairs together and makes a little bed. He then lays across them with Blue and puts bites of breakfast in his mouth. I guess this is his way of having breakfast in bed.

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