Friday, October 27, 2006

Costumes and all that jazz

The dance studio where Carmella takes dance encouraged the kids to wear their Halloween costumes to class this week.
I forgot my camera on Wednesday for her ballet class but here are a few from jazz today. It totally sucks I forgot it earlier this week because Carmella's ballet teacher is like 7 months pregnant and it cracks me up to watch her do leaps.

Her teacher for jazz, in case you are wondering, is a 1989 prom queen. She nailed it.
I think Tara actually has a dress very similar to that which she wore for homecoming court one year. Not that any of my homecoming/prom dresses were any better but I did at least always go with black and strapless. I do not like and never have approved of the puffy sleeve look. I did though have a penchant for the strapless ball gowns in a tea length. My favorite by far was the Gunne Sax black satin number with a full black tulle skirt and green iridescence polka dots. My date that year got me a black orchid corsage. I thought he was so cool.

Hey, Mom, do you still have that one? I might want to wear it for Halloween this year.
Toothfairy costume might get a year off.

Carmella, by the way, is Princess Annelise from Barbie'sPrincess and the Pauper. Really she just looks like the princess bride. For Halloween's past she has been: ballerina princess(8 months), flower princess (19 months),Cinderella (2 1/2), Butterfly princess (3 1/2) and last year, Sleeping Beauty.
She definitely has a theme and is sticking to it.

My digital camera has a setting called "best shot" and since the lighting sucked in the studio I messed around with it--hence the weird tones and fuzzy pictures. Still though, I think they look kind of neat.


  1. the black and green prom dress can be located in your old room in the trunk at the end of the bed. I seem to remember long black satin evening gloves completing the ensemble. You know I think you still look exactly the same now. How long can you pull this never changing thing?

  2. I love all of the photos, especially the one in the mirror.