Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Garden of Earthy Delights: Part 1

Sunday afternoon Ryan and the kids and I went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
We first enjoyed a lunch (read beer) at the Park Tavern. Pookie and a very hung over Wes came and met us. Apparently, Wes-- and I am loosely quoting him now-- just can't drink like he use to on account of being almost 30 and all.
I think the problem lies in Wes focusing more on his cycling than his drinking. I know plenty of people who are over 30 and can hang.
After our "lunch" the four of us walked across the park to the Garden. The walk there was fine but the walk back after we spent 3 hours walking around the gardens was a little taxing. So I recommend maybe parking at the Gardens rather than the Park Tavern.

The Gardens are having their annual Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit:
Beau's favorite was the pirate, of course.

Carmella's was Scare-a-rella or Crow-a-rella:

And they both liked the Dis-crow.
Other scarecrows that I don't remember what they were called:
Various other photos (see part 2 for even more)

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