Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gardens of Earthy Delights: Part 2

The Garden is also featuring the outdoor sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle.

The kids loved these and had the best time playing on them.

Okay, so the skull was the coolest. Come on; it's a skull.
Anyway, it is my favorite. Lots of the sculptures you can go inside but again, the skull was the neatest. Really though, all of them are neat and they look like they were fun to make too. Mosaics are fun. I like them.

I completely recommend going to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. I don't say that about most places I have been with my kids, like -- to name a few-- the Yellow River Game Ranch, the Zoo, Cagle's Dairy, the Circus and so on. Each of those places are okay-- maybe once-- but unlike the Botanical Gardens, the Fox Theatre, the High museum and the Aquarium they to me are just not worth repeating. Also, the Gardens were very clean and I really appreciated that. The Botanical Gardens gets top billing for places to go and see in Atlanta. PsstI really want to go to one of their evening functions (hint hint).


  1. Thanks for the amazing photos! I LOVE them! I really want to go eventually-what night thing?

  2. I am hinting to whoever wants to take me.
    And this is the current evening event:FestoAle
    I am sure they will have something different in Novemeber or Decemeber. In the summer they have concerts. Just something to keep in mind.