Monday, November 13, 2006

What Skirt Did

Skirt ran a long race yesterday.
Skirt got really really wet.
Skirt preserved and kicked ass.
Skirt, as they say, built character.

I'll post a full report when I get home and if my results are ever posted I'll be able to give you my exact time. Yet again, it is looking like Champion chip failed me. More on this later. I am beyond upset.

So here is the low down: the weather sucked like you wouldn't believe. The course had many surprises that I was not prepared for. But nonetheless, I did it and I got gravy. A BQ with a few minutes to spare.


  1. Howdy! Congrats on your BQ!! I"m so very jealous!!! Looking forward to reading more or your report! Happy trails, Bruce

  2. You guys are the best cheerleaders a girl could ever ask for. :)