Sunday, November 05, 2006

William's Run Race Report

I am in marathon taper madness.
I am getting fat from carb loading and not running 60 miles a week.
Maybe some of this puffiness is/was PMS bloat (isn't it great how you guys know my cycle! Doesn't that make you feel closer to me?). I'll let you know next week if my stomach goes back to not looking 3 months preggo and then I can determine if this tummy muffin is PMS water or taper fat or just carbloading bloat. Whatever it is I feel a bit like a cactus right now. Skirt is not as cute with a puffy tummy, BTW.

To combat the reduced mileage and to keep from going crazy I have taken advantage of my recent training efforts and been running a few races. Last weekend, as you regular readers will recall, I ran the Silver Comet Half marathon and rocked it by shaving 10 minutes off my personal record and getting 2nd place in my age group. Well, yesterday morning I ran a William's Run. I did the 10k. There was also a 5k, a 2k walk and a tot trot (supposedly).

I am not certain if most marathon plans recommend that you run races like this in your taper, but I doubt it. But then again I tend to think most tapers are a bit slack and have you treat yourself with kidgloves. We'll see come next Sunday if my way works.

I hadn't planned on running any race this weekend but I knew a couple of friends who were going to be there and since Ryan was out of town, Bubbles out of town and I am banned from Lala's until she finishes her paintings for her show later this month I had no one to watch the kids. The thought of being banished to the treadmill was just too depressing. However, my Dad was easily persuaded to come watch the kids while I ran--especially since the start was at his favorite Starbucks. As it turned out I only had Beau since Meme and Pat had graciously let Carmella spend the night Friday. Beau was not jealous as he normally would be of this because I told him he got to do a race too. You see, Beau and I race a lot. Sometimes we really are having a race but most times it is really a chase, not a race. He always wins because his shoes are faster. This is mostly because every shoe is faster than the 3 inch heels I typically wear.

Unfortunately, it proved to be very cold yesterday morning. But me, ever the idiot, decided that I had to wear new skirt: "Blackie". And my new shirt that says "Run Like a Girl". In vain I have scoured Atlanta's running and athletic stores for over the calf compression socks to complete my ensemble and have found none. I may order some online but in looking at the preliminary weather report for the marathon (cloudy, 58 low/73 high) I don't think I will want them.

I wore pants under skirt until race time and I didn't think it felt all that cold but let me assure you that the open airiness that skirt allows for nearly froze my ass off. There was quite the breeze up there. And while I was running I actually thought about you men and how a skirt totally wouldn't work with your equipment on colder days. So maybe, should you decide to go with one of the utilikilts, only wear them in the warmer temps. Well, that is, unless you like shrinkage.

I swear I could not feel my legs or feet at all the first 2 miles and I never really got warm. I did manage to keep a fairly even pace though--around 7:15. I had thought I would be able to push it down at the end but my legs just wouldn't permit it. Cardiovascular wise I could have handled it but my muscles would not cooperate. I had very optimistically hoped I could do it in under 42 minutes but realistically I knew it would be around 45-46 minutes. And it was: 45 minutes and 20 something seconds; a 2 minute pr off last year's 10k. So I can't complain but I can't help but feel a little disappointed. I'll try again in another month or 2 for a better time.

I must also give props to my friend Camille on her first race ever. She did the 5k and got 2nd in her age group.
I am super impressed that she came out in the cold to run. Please read her own account of the race at her blog here.

They never did the tot trot and that really pissed me off but I guess there weren't very many kids there so maybe that is why. At any rate, Beau didn't really care since I made him up a race and he got to win.
That is what happens when your only competition is a balloon tied to your arm. Gooo Beau!!!
Taper breakdown this week:
Sunday: rest
Monday: 5k on the treadmill in 22:20 and then weights.
Tuesday: 8 miles in an hour and 7 minutes
Wednesday: 7 miles in 58 minutes
Thursday: 7 miles in 56 minutes.
Friday: 4 miles in 30 minutes and weights.
Saturday: 10k in 45:20
MPW: 35
Shrug, I guess that is okay.
Getting nervous.
Please pray I have good weather (read no rain).


  1. I am so sorry that I missed you guys. Dagny and I thought about you while we were waiting for Annika to wake up. In exchange, Annika gave us both her cold - thanks a lot.

  2. Aw, thanks for the pic and the link to my blog. How sweet of you to have your camera and have batteries that weren't dead- like mine were. Anyway, thanks and best of luck in your race next weekend.