Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Gift

"Christmas Gift!" is how my Aunt Boo answers her phone on Christmas morning. I may have that wrong. She may say "Santa Claus!" or " Christmas Tree!" or something similarly festive but it never fails to crack my sister and I up. She has a deep southern belle accent so it is really only funny when she says it. Just reading it I know is not doing it justice. I should probably add that she isn't "Boo" as in "peek-a-boo" but is "Baewe." A guess that is a double diphthong or something. You get the idea.

Weeeell anyway, this Christmas morning, I will be answering our phone with "Christmas Puppy!" because that is what Santa is bringing the kids!!!

Here is the one Ryan and I went and picked out last night. She is a full bred Siberian Husky. And she will also be known as my new running partner next year. I am so excited to have a dog again that will pull my tired ass up hills again. I like being the sled.

But everyone shhh!!!! It is a Santa surprise.

Last week we had to put our dog Thor down. Thor was a golden chow mix and was 15 years old. He has not been well for a long time. So this wasn't a shock. I was also not Thor's biggest fan. He was 100% Ryan's dog.

So when I told Carmella that Thor was gone she surprised me with her tears. I was shocked because it wasn't as if she really had ever played with Thor or ever shown any interest in him--when I said he hadn't been well for a long time I wasn't exaggerating. He really hasn't done anything but lay around for the last 5 years.
After a few minutes of crying she wiped her tears away and asked if we could get a puppy. Beau jumped on the puppy bandwagon and ever since the Puppy for Christmas campaign has been going strong at our house. They have paraded out every stuffed animal dog they could find.

Ryan relented; and I insisted on a Husky. Ryan was far from keen on the idea of Husky-- having met my parents' Husky Bob. They are hyper dogs who love to run, run away and be chased. If there was ever a dog completely antithetical to Thor a Husky would be it. A Husky is very much a dog like me or Beau. It is also the only breed of dog I have ever liked so it is the only type of type I was willing to get. If we are going to have a dog we are going to get the type of dog I like. And here I will admit that I am not known as a dog lover. I am also not a hater but again, definitely not a lover either. Huskies, though, I adore. They're funny. Frustrating and naughty; but funny.

So am sure I will have lots to complain about in the coming months since a Husky is like a perennial 2 yr old. What can I say, I guess I am glutton for punishment.

And speaking of my masochist side I ran a 17 miler earlier this week. I was bit on the slow side because I chatted on the cell for several miles--it does get lonely out there--but is was fine. The weather has just been amazing. I mean, sunny and 60 degrees. Pretty perfect. I guess no snow this Christmas.

I finished the run at The Big Peach Running Co and I officially registered for the GA ING Marathon. I encourage those that are planning on it to go ahead and register. The price for the half and the full will go up after December 31st. Give yourself an early Christmas present that will keep on giving.

Okay, I want to hear the puppy name suggestions.


  1. Aw, sooo cute =)...Names? Rocky, Buddy or Chelsea

  2. Howdy! Did you ever read the book, "Walk Across America," by Peter Jenkins? In 1979 he and his beloved dog, Cooper, the half Alaskan malamute walked across America. The dog had saved Peter's hide many times...especially when he defended him against a pack of wild dogs. A MUST read. I would recommend naming him "Cooper!" Happy trails, Bruce

  3. Since the dog is siberian, I would go with a slavic name. Mischa, Sascha, Svetlana. Will do research and weigh in later.

    Virginia and I are both registered for the 1/2. Go Hornets.

  4. I should have added that the puppy is a girl. Like you Steph I lean toward the Slavic names but I need a name that Beau can at least half way say or the puppy will be whatever his attempt at the name is. The kids have been discussing names of for a puppy in theory: Carmella has listed all the Disney princesses as choices--though Mulan might actually fit and then she suggested Butter, Junebug and Pizza. Beau's only suggestion is Blue Thor. Ryan's was Runner and mine have been Panda, Pandora, Anya, Natasha, Masha and Karenia. Lala's was Judy or Judy Blue.

  5. I definitely like Blue Thor the best so far. Maybe staying with the Norse theme and considering the breed, 'Loki' might be good (pronounced low-kee). Whatever, you name it- good luck.

  6. Holy shit, that thing is cute as all get-out. Blue Thor is cute. How about just Blue? Keep us posted on the name.

    OMG - they are going to be soooo excited. How are you going to present it? is Santa bringing it?

  7. OK, research done. Did you know that Lala was slavic?

    Anyway, I like Mila the best and Anya (since it is a diminuitive of Annika) but Anne has a good point with Blue.

    And, there is a song "oh Blue, you good dog you" I dated a boy named Blue once (it was not his real name). He was very pretty.

  8. What a cute puppy! Such blue eyes! Looks like she already has attitude! The kids will love her!

    I'm not good with names...we have/had two dogs (one passed two years ago)...both Chinese Shar-peis...Between my daughters, the wife and I, we came up with the names...Sushi and Kei-mo for ours...because it sounded oriental.

    Blue sounds too least to me...How about Nikki or LuLu or...wait till you get her home and the family decide on a fitting name. Sometimes a name just pops up...and you know it's it.

  9. Charlie, I think you are right. And I am very interested in what the kids come up with. I know the right one will come to us.

  10. "christmas gift!" is part of allison's family's traditional competition. whoever says it first... wins? I'm not really clear on the rules, but they always try to come up with creative ways to be the first to say it.
    cute puppy.

  11. oh and I like butter.
    and my ing marathon entry is going in the mail today.
    merry christmas!

  12. once again: puppy names.......Jet (as I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again)....Lola (not to be confused with Lala).......Pandora (but call her Dora (the explorer)....Mara (from MARAthon-since she'll be your training partner)

  13. I like Lola a lot. I tested out puppies name in theory with the kids yesterday. Carmella was very keen on Lola--princess Lola, Lola Pink, Super Lola Pink princess etc. Beau however did not like Lola. He wanted Parker or Parker Blue, of course. I guess because Parker eats turkey he is the coolest person on the planet--at least in Beau's mind. Though maybe Beau might consider De De since he says she is girlfriend.

  14. So...did "Lola/Parker" find it's way under your Christmas tree? Were the kids surprised and excited?